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  1. Helix editor with expanded A/B functionality http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Helix-editor-with-expanded-A-B-functionality/787491-23508 Imagine an editor program that gives you the ability to A/B between more than 2 variations of your preset, as well as the ability to choose whether you want to commit those changes to the currently saved preset or save it as a separate preset. Not only that, but allow users to save more than 1 of their revisions.
  2. If you have an amp that responds to MIDI commands, you can program the Helix to send the appropriate CC or PC commands to that device. If you're working with an amp that uses relay switches or a proprietary footswitch, you'd need something like the Amp Gizmo.
  3. Even if doesn't have touchscreen support, a robust mac/pc editor will be a great way to edit patches in the studio without having to reach down and fiddle with the unit. I hope that down the road they'll do an editor for mobile devices.
  4. That's all understandable for the floorboard. I'm sure it probably would have been a production nightmare to have different screens on different devices, but I wish Line 6 had kept the touchscreen on the rackmounted version. It's cool that I can add the foot controller for $500, but the floorboard is not near the rack to edit the settings. I'd love to have the Helix Rack in my studio desk and be able to simply touch a block to edit the parameters. Instead I have to decide between form factor and ease of editing.
  5. Page 44 of the manual may help. http://line6.com/data/6/0a06439cb91a5609df67966ca/application/pdf/Helix%20Owners%20Manual%20(REV%20B)%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20B%20).pdf
  6. So you want to be able to have more switches? Wouldn't this be effectively achieved by adding another MIDI controller?
  7. This question is regarding the Trails option in the FX Loop Settings as a workaround for spillover. If I have Trails set to On for an FX loop in a preset, does that mean that the Return is always active? Or does Helix ignore signal coming into the Return until the Send is activated? I am planning to use an external delay pedal with the Helix, and I thought that this might be an interesting way to achieve spillover. Say for example that I have 2 presets with the same stereo FX loop and Trails On. I'm playing through preset 1 with the Send engaged to use my delay pedal. When I change to preset 2, the Send is not active but I still get spillover through the Return coming from my external delay. Is that doable?
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