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  1. Help! Have been thru settings, updated firmware to 1.02.2, Helix LOOKS like it's responding thru VDI, can see the changes on the screen when toggling thru the model knob, but no sounds/tunings are responding. Is there a video tutorial anywhere? Not as simple, obviously, as the floor Pod that had a dedicated bank of Variax presets? Just confused and frustrated, any help appreciated. Thanks!
  2. any known bugs with JTV Variax models? (89, specifically)...VDI powers up the Variax, model/tuning switches lighting up, but not functioning (no model switching/tuning variation). Have tried with multi input and individual Variax input options on the Helix. Does the instrument need to be flashed, or am I totally missing something? Please clarify, or do I need to put in a ticket of some sort? Thank you.
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