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  1. Did some experimenting on my sipder iv 15 amp, and found a decent setting on insane. that work okayish for Nightmare by A7x (had my guitar set to bridge, tone at 7 volume 9) Drive:-5 Bass:-6 Mid:-3.5 Treble:-4 FX- N/A Reverb:-7 Hope this helps anyone who is having issues finding that particular sound they are searching for,
  2. Had this issue a few years ago, the problem was in the cable, the jack "mounts" or casings were loose and created static just had to twist them tight and the issue was disolved, if you are using solid cables then this wont help you.
  3. Ive managed to trick the tuner by getting top E to a drop D and placing a capo on the second fret.
  4. The "crunch" mode on my spider iv 15 isnt too bad for power chords, a bit of tweeking and thats more clean to my ear than I have found on the spider amps.
  5. Hey, Looking for some help "dialing" in my amp for some good metal, clasic rock, blues, poprock, and clean tones. If anyone has some good settings and wouldnt care to post them for spider iv 15 it would be hihgly appreciated!
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