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  1. Hi Id like to know if when i plugg the guitar to ux2 and use Por Farm, if i play in stereo or mono, and if is in mono, how i do to play in stereo. Thanks
  2. Portuguese

    Wah pedal

  3. Portuguese

    Wah pedal

    Thank you for the anser. Connecting the wah between guitar and Ux2 wont damage in any way the Ux2? Is made to Connect that way?
  4. Portuguese

    spider iv 15w tunner

    I mean tunner instead or Gunner Lol
  5. Portuguese

    spider iv 15w tunner

    Hi Id like to know if its possible to tune a guitar a half step down with spider iv 15w Gunner. Thanks
  6. Hi Can i use a wah pedal between the guitarra and Ux2? Is that the correcta way to connect a wah pedal to Ux2? Thanks
  7. Portuguese

    Where to plug guitar

    What do you meen by hot? What's the pod input for?
  8. Hi. I play heavy metal and used to record with Abelton live lite 7. I'm about to buy a new Ux2, bit the new ones only comes with Reason Limited software, and no Riff Works or Abelton. 1) Is Reason Limited abel to record as Abelton? 2) What's the difference between Reason Limited and Reason Adapted? 3) Does Reason Limited allows plugins like Ezdrummer and Isotope Ozone? Thanks
  9. In Ux2, where shall i plug a guitar with active emgs or a bass with active electrónics? Thanks