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  1. Pending offer on ebay, 1700 USD + shipping. I will keep it on hold till Saturday night, if no better offer will accept it.
  2. This is as good as it can get. Ready to fly-tour helix rig I am the first owner and this rig is only been used twice on stage. Was allways in a smoke free studio. Helix is in mint condition. What the buyer gets with this auction: * Line 6 Helix (1499$ new) * A custom build lightweight wood pedalboard (250$ new) * Pelican Stormcase im3100 (costs 250$ new) * 2 Line 6 expression pedals (cost 45$ each) * custom build canare instrument and expression pedal cables (cost 50$) * 3 high quality xlr cables for helix's xlr outs and mic in (cost 45$ each) Total value of this rig is around 2150$ The whole rig in pelican case is 39.7 pounds and super easy to carry around since the pelican case is on wheels. The case is super sturdy and helix is safe inside since its also protected all around with foam. Fits in any cars trunk. Dimensions of pelican im3100 are: 16.5" x 39.8" x 6.7" I still have the original box-packaging of Helix. Can ship it also if the buyer pays the shipping cost. It will be shipped from East Bay-California-El Cerrito
  3. paolo thx, i know there is ways around but this is not the purpose...some stuff should be logical and straight forward. i know its a new device but...whatever i made my mind and put my helix for sale. still thx for your advice
  4. we need kill dry for FX on parallel path such as delays or reverbs. right now anytime you activate-deactivate the FX it changes the dry level.
  5. sometimes you want to record and play the recorded track later. you press record and you press play/stop it plays, you press record again it plays...one button should just stop recording and not start playing. and sometimes you want to play right away in reverse mode. so if you choose reverse before recording it should stay that way and not start playing forward right away...
  6. is helix connected to computer via USB and if yes are you using a powered USB hub?
  7. i have both, axe fx and helix...helix is nice and has alot of potential (if line6 keeps on updating) but axe fx is far superior. it not only sounds better, but there is also alot alot more experience and thought behind. how you can control everthing, turn on and off stuff, scenes....etc etc etc...goes on and on and on. people who dont have axe fx or are not really familiar with it cant understand. its hard to explain and way easier to show. the only better side of helix is. more in and outputs, mic input and the editing on the unit is way easier and more fun...my 2cents... still i think i will keep helix for a while and see how it developes. (even though axe fx has still way more frequent updates. i dont know if line6 will ever be able to catch up).
  8. i thought its out since a while...so you cant see the download link also?
  9. i am trying to find the editor, no matter i check the beta box or note i am end up in a loop. going back and fort between the forum and line6 page and cant find a link to download... can someone help? thx
  10. scenes would be a proper solution for this...in most cases people wouldnt need to switch presets and 1 preset would be enough for most songs you play. even you could do a whole show - concert with one preset.
  11. thx for the response. 1&2) i think there is misunderstanding about the scenes function in axe fx. lets think of a simple preset wah-distortion-amp-delay. when i call the preset just amp block is on. if i go to scene 2 i will have distortion x, then a go to scene 3 and i will have wah distortion y. then scene 4 could be distortion y amp y delay x etc etc and think about having a preset with 12 blocks and you can program in each scene for each block whatever you want and their on off states could be recalled with each scene the way you want. i can program for each scnene also a different output volume...there is even some more features around scenes. 3) pages function. i am probably not using the right terms sorry, what i mean is. i have a set of midi buttons, 10 of them with helix. if the preset button would function as page up down for midi, on the other pages i could have the same buttons for different midi purposes. hope this time i am better:) 5) yea forget about it, doesnt make sense:)
  12. Hey guys thx for the responses, Probably u know but just to make clear, scenes are not only for spillover or parameter change. It lets u also choose a different fx model inside the block. Example x state can be tape delay and y reverse delay. And also with scenes you can turn on and off as many effects as you want. (With one button) And all these happen without lag, sound drop off etc...its like having 8 banks in 1 preset. Thx for the advice vmoncebaiz, i already applied to open an account on ideas page and waiting for approval.
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