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  1. Have a helix rack and controller, encoder in op brought to service center they said wire had to be soldered , got back then output started losing power then quit . Service center was told by line 6 did not have parts to fix , sent back to line 6 all under warranty, still, waiting on getting it back , been out of service now 3 months. I have had axe fx in the past never had a problem , I play quite a bit no confidence in line 6 anymore , back to pedals , if you want to sound like a fender buy fender , if you want to sound like a marshall buy a marshall .
  2. Just got helix rack unit back , encoder joystick was a solder repair , now able to access models. New problem volume output up and down ,like a bad cord. All connections and cables good . Every preset what now? Update version 2.92 again . I don’t believe in coincidences back to shop , unbelievable, jut returned second unit , should not have all these issues Help again .
  3. Just got unit back from  shop ,repaired the bad solder joint on encoder joy stick , so now I can access   models, new problem volume output goes up and down on all presets , checked all connections and  cables , good. What now . Upload version 2.92 again or back to shop?opened a ticket again but this is getting ridiculous 

  4. Updated to new version 2.92 the latest, and new driver to do so, nothing joy stick encoder still unable to get models when pushing in .i am extremely gentle using my equipment also , will bring to line 6 warranty repair shop, also purchased a second helix rack till it’s fixed. love the line 6 just wished it was made as good as Fractual audio in the USA .
  5. Will do update ,and I don’t push the encoder in hard, I have never done a up load yet but will ,and if doesn’t work I have a local shop that does warranty work for line 6. Contacted line 6 they said same thing ,but think it’s a hardware problem , I did buy another helix rack for my other amp setup and back up coming soon. Was curious if anyone has had the problem and what the end fix was though?
  6. Hi I have a helix rack version 2.81 and bought in October , everything was fine now joy stick encoder when pushing in can’t pull models,contacted line 6 , tried pushing fast slow andwent in to preferences and changed selection , nothing . Line 6 gave me many different solutions,now saying down load version 2.9 . I use this on live gigs so my local repair shop will look at but I had to get another as back up.I am new to this was a avid pedal board user and previous axe fx , sold my pedal board love the sounds but anyone have the same problem and how was the outcome NEED HELP !
  7. Mine is 2 months old version 2 .82 just opened a ticket , what is wrong I need this as I don’t have a back up right now
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