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  1. Thanks bro, ok this is where I'm at now. I can down load a custome tone, I drag and drop the tone into user two because user one is filled with stuff that the tech from line6 says should not be there. My problem is that the tones I down load and drop do not stay there and I have to keep pulling them from my computer and placing them. I understand getting a tone you like and maybe tweeting it but I do not want to use a laptop to be able to play my guitar. I would like to just turn on the Line6 and my amp and play. I'm spending way to much time trying to keep my tones in this thing. I'm not finding detailed instructions and now when I call Line6 they don't reconize I'm pushing 2 on my phone for customer service. I'm about ready to take a hammer to this thing because I'm pissed I payed money for these headaches. Normally I get headaches for free. Ty
  2. Thank you very much I will try that after work. Also what do you suggest for shutting off the unit ? Do you know why they didn't add an on/off switch ?
  3. Hi everyone, I purchased my POD a long time ago but never used it until yesterday. I'm using the 4 cable method and got it going yesterday, got sound played for 10 mins then decided to turn it off and watch YouTube to figure out how to scroll around find settings that I kind of like. Basically turned it on and now no sound at all. I did nothing but turn it off. Now I'm thinking this is not that good of a product. I really don't need the headaches. Just wanted something I could plug and play then set up custom stuff later. Also I never hooked up a computer yet ;(
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