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  1. C'mon Line 6... how about addressing this issue for Kindle users. The Android version has been available for months.
  2. dibber

    App Loses Connection With Amp

    I am in a worse situation since the update than before. Making the Bluetooth connection is a nightmare. It needs several attempts on both my phone and kindle. I have reinstalled both firmware and remote app and its still the same. When I do eventually get connected I can play music ok but as soon as I open the Ampli app the Bluetooth connection is terminated. I have had to install an older firmware version but that gives me the Bluetooth dropout issues. I am so fed up with this now and don't see myself ever buying a line6 product again. I feel sorry for the guys that are beginners. What kind of impression is it going to give them of line6 products. Line6 if you can't solve the issues with this amp then you should be looking at ways to compensate us. Is it not maybe the case that you released this product without proper testing and that the issues simply cannot be fixed without a redesign. It's not as if the issues are new. This has been going on since its inception.
  3. dibber

    Bluetooth & Amplifi App Connection Issues

    After latest firmware update which claimed to address Bluetooth connection issues I am unable to connect. Wtf! Only had this amp a few weeks and now seriously hacked off with it and line6. It connects but as soon as I open the amplifi remote app it disconnects. A truly awful product. Where I come from the Sale Of Goods Act says a product must be fit for its intended purpose and this is most certainly not..