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  1. I have the same issue, using iPhone X, latest OS 11.2.6, happens in Garageband, Sonic Port App, and Ampkit. The issue has pretty much made the device useless on my newer devices.
  2. Same issue here. Since iOS 11, and all subsequent releases, including the latest one 11.1.2, as soon as you try to playback music via the amplfi app, it will play for about 3 to 5 seconds and disconnect from the Amp (amplifi 75 in my case). I also see this issue with other BT devices as well, some of them will flat out fail to connect. I suspect something is wrong/changed in the way iOS11 is using the BT Stack...till then. i suspect more of these types of issues to persist.
  3. Having issues with the app playing music via Bluetooth when jamming along. The song will play for about 5 sec, then it disconnects from the BT, only to reconnect, and do the same thing over and over again. Looks like the app is not ready for ios11.
  4. The only success I have with staying connected is; After Im done playing for the day, I will go into the bluetooth settings and forget the device. On the next day, i reconnect it and it works (mostly). This is the only sure fire method i have come across that seems to work and keep me connected although it will at times drop it and i have to do it all over again. A disappointing experience is an understatement to these amps.
  5. Thanks Triryche, Jaguar9080 for both of your replies. Doing a hard power cycle seem to correct the issue.
  6. I have recently upgraded my iPhone 6+ to iOS 8.3 and since that time, the Amplifi app will no longer connect to the amp. I can confirm the bluetooth connection is working, i can play music to the amplifi via the itunes app, as well as the amplifi app, but it fails to connect. I have uninstalled the app, reinstalled it, also forgot the amplifi bluetooth device and re-added it, still same issue. Any one else seeing a similar thing?
  7. I have updated to 2.00,(both amp and app) and still face issues with the app connecting to the amp. I find that more and more I have to turn off the amp, turn off bluetooth on my iPhone, turn on bluetooth, turn on amp, and maybe it will connect (the bluetooth always connects, its the app that has issues). I have deleted, reinstalled the Amplifi app a few times now, and while it works for awhile, it seems crazy to do this on a consistent basis. What else can be wrong with this app? Ive had alot of Line 6 products and this is by far my most disappointing experience I have had with their product. Are their any updates (future)coming to address this issue?
  8. Enjoying the amp, the bluetooth/iOS/app connectivity is its only downfall. While I can stream to it from any other app (spotify, itunes, etc),the app just refuses to connect to the box. Ive had alot of Line 6 gear, and this is the first time i have been underwhelmed by a product. The potential is there, just needs the stability. And yes, i have updated f/w and the app. I am going to try to delete the device from my iOS bluetooth and re-add it as another step but, would really hate if this becomes the norm.
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