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  1. Good Afternoon, I have two Line 6 xt live units where both have been loaded with my saved banks using Line 6 edit. If I run a USB cable from my laptop to the USB input on the xt live on one of the units, it will play sounds from my laptop through the xt live and out to amp. But, on the other xt live, it will not. The sound just plays through the speakers on the laptop. Has anyone encountered this before and have a solution? Thanks in advance, Pete-
  2. I have also loaded Line 6 Edit onto my new windows 10 machine and I am also having issues. The main issue I am having is that the Edit window itself does not want to expand horizontally. I can only expand vertically. As such, I cannot see my settings in entirety and cannot edit my banks. Has anyone encountered this issue with windows 10 and been able to resolve it?
  3. Good Morning, I'm looking for a mandolin and an acoustic guitar patch that I can download to my Line 6 xt live. I searched the downloadable patches and the most popular patches didn't sound like an a mandolin or acoustic guitar at all. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance, Pete-
  4. Good Afternoon, I have found one particular bank in my xt live (27) that has 4 presets that work really well for me. The only issue I am having is that 27a is a little quieter than the other three presets. When I record it's no issue, I just pencil in the volume adjustments and everything's fine. But for live I have to put a compressor between my xt live and the amp to 'squash' the other 3 patches. I release it whenever I select 27a and I'm balanced. The only downside is that it entails an extra foot stroke that I would like to remove. I have downloaded Line 6 Monkey and made a back up, but I still can't figure out how to access my patches, adjust the volumes, save, and re-load. Does anyone know if there's a step by step, or youtube video, etc. that can help walk me through this so I can get the entire patch balanced the way I want? Thanks in advance! CJ-
  5. I have been doing more reading through the forums and I am starting to believe that the solution might pertain to my 'exp pedal'. And I am assuming that pertains to my expression pedal, or Wah/Volume? If that's the case does that mean that I need to use it set the position of the volume level before hitting save? Also from my readings I am guessing that there's no way to change all presets from, say, 12 o' clock to 10 o' clock position in one fell swoop, that each preset, in each of the 32 banks, must be adjusted individually?
  6. I am using the knob immediate to the right of the 5 knobs ostensibly grouped as "AMP TONE CONTROLS". It's labeled "Chan Vol". When I choose the "edit" button, and then move this dial, I appear to have the ability to adjust the volume. After changing the volume, and then hitting save 2x, I would think that the new volume setting would be saved. But this is not the case, as when I hit the edit button again, the volume level will have returned to it's previous setting. It would seem that either these settings need to somehow be 'unlocked' or that I am taking an incorrect approach to changing this level in my preset. Can you please give me a step-by-step on how to make this change? I did a search in the manual and nothing comes up for "change volume". The vast majority of presets are unusable at rehearsal just because the volume setting is simply too loud (using the power amp in).
  7. Good afternoon, I am trying to lower the volume on some of my patches and for some reason they won't save. I will hit the edit button, twist the volume back to the 10 o'clock position and hit save 2x. When I check to see if my changes were saved, I can see that they were not. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong and would very much appreciate some help with this. Beyond that, I would also like some help with changing global volumes. For instance, is it possible to tell the XT Live to put all volumes in all presets at the 10 o'clock position? Any pointers and/or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Cinnamon Jack
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