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  1. Just got a reply from the support. They will report it to the devs. Now that's good. Let's wait and see if it actually gets fixed in a later version of the software.
  2. Just did that. I'll keep you informed. The thing is that I did not register a product, since I don't own any yet. That's why I couldn't check whether the bug also occurs when syncing or if it's a file storage thing only. I saw the "Line6 Edit" software as a great possibility to "get my hands on", check out all the different parameters and routing capabilities, so I could see what the device is capable of, before actually acquiring the product. However, after I found this bug (which was soon enough ;-) ), being a software developer myself, I thought I somehow had to report this so it can get sorted out. (It's probably pretty easy to fix.) I don't know how "seriously" the support tickets of "non-customers" are taken though. I mean I didn't pay anything (yet), so I guess I'm not entitled to get any kind of "support" (yet). It's not a request for actual "support" though, you see? What I'd like to do is "file a bug report". However, like most companies, Line6 doesn't have a public bug tracker (yet). ;-) I would have gone even more in-depth and checked whether the parameters are not saved correctly or not restored correctly. However, the file format that Line6 uses unfortunately is binary, proprietary and undocumented (and probably related to the way the patches are stored inside the memory of the actual DSP?) so I cannot actually tell what's in the file.
  3. Hey guys! I think I found a bug in the Line6 Pod HD500X Edit software. Version number is "2.26.0". The bug can be reproduced pretty easily. Start the software with the HD500X disconnected. (I don't know, if it happens when the patches are synced to the device.) Choose an empty patch and create a dual-amp setup. The exact amp models do not matter, but it should be full amps, not preamps, as only the former have an "amp parameters" section. Move all the knobs in the "amp parameters" section off their zero ("all-the-way-to-the-left") position. Store the preset to a ".5xe" file via "File" --> "Save As ...". (You can also save to a ".5xs" setlist or even an entire ".5xb" bundle. It doesn't matter. The bug is always triggered.) Open the ".5xe" (or ".5xs" or ".5xb") file again via "File" --> "Open ...". (You can also close the application and open it again and then open the file, or even open the file via a double click from Windows Explorer. It doesn't matter. The bug is always triggered.) Note that all the knobs in the "amp parameters" section of "Amp B" returned to their zero ("all-the-way-to-the-left") positions. I hope that this "somehow" gets to the software developers at Line6 and gets fixed. Like I said, I don't know if it also happens when syncing patches from/to the device or if it's an issue with the file storage only. But of course it's pretty severe, as it basically means that at least any dual-amp patch that is shared online or used as a backup is "broken" (or incomplete to say at least). If these values get "lost" while syncing to the device as well, it basically means that any dual-amp setup created with the Edit software is broken, as the "amp parameters" of "Amp B" never arrive at the device. Thanks!
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