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  1. So downloaded the trial to test it out Looking for a quick fix while my amp goes in for repair. Like the helix platform, had a rack, now use the HX Effects with my amp so thought native would work a treat. Downloaded the trail to try it out. Created a bunch of patches and all was good with the world. Was originally thinking Neural but have played around with the Plini plugin Native was stacking up well. Open a logic project tonight which had worked fine before (as described above) and it simply would not open. Eventually got it to open by turning all the plugins off re saved it and then it opened but the Native inserts that had worked perfectly well before would simply crash Logic the minute I tried to open or move the plugins. Now I have a pretty ancient Mac and I'd happily concede that that was probably the issue had it not been for the fact that it had originally worked perfectly but now no good. So any ideas why this should suddenly happen? I'm not going to be blowing proper money on this if it's just not going to function. Thanks in advance Matt
  2. I've had a cursory search for this and can't find anything that quite answers the questions I have. So I have an HX FX. I'm about to start constructing a board using it and a BOSS ES8 switcher as I have a bunch of other analog pedals as well as the HX. I want to be able to separate out my in front effects and my loop effects into two separate loops on the ES8. I know I can split the signal path in HX FX to two with two separate outputs so given that would I connect the HX FX like this: For the sake of argument, let's say I'm using loops 6 and 7 on my ES8 for the HX FX. Can I run the send from loop 6 into the L main input then the L main output into the loop 6 return and then put my in front effects (phaser, flanger, compressor etc) on path A and then the send from loop 7 on the ES8 into the R main input then the R main output into the return of loop 7 and then have all my effects loop stuff on bath B (delay, reverb etc)? Would this work in effectively allowing my to program in the two types of effects on two separate loops??? Can't get my head around if it would work or other ways to do it using the effects loop? Any and all help really appreciated before my brain implodes and I end up weeping in a corner...
  3. Oh And another one from me. A bigger floor controller. Something like the big RJM floor board. With freely assignable pedals. So they can be whatever you want More snapshots just assign them More preset access just assign it More stomps... just assign it. Also giving it a couple of 9v outputs so you could run a couple of pedals without having to create a pedal board with dedicated power supply.
  4. So some things to address an issue I had a bit of a battle with last night. - At least 12 instant messages. I trigger loops on a GCX switcher to change with my snapshot presets and I have 8 loops plus 4 channels on my amp each of which runs on it's own TRS jack. 6 instant messages just doesn't seem enough. - Being able to use CC Toggle commands in instant messages - Being able to apply CC Toggle commands and other commands to footswitches that are in snapshot mode (being able to apply a CC Toggle to a snapshot would mean I could trigger and amp channel change for each different snapshot based on a lit/dim state, meaning I don't have to give up 4 stomp slots to change amp channels. The midi in Helix is awesome, just feels like it needs more opportunities to utilise it's full power. Might there be an interesting joint-venture opportunity with Midi Solutions to create a Helix specific version of their Event Processor Plus (giving you the opportunity to trigger up to 32 different out going midi events with one incoming event)??
  5. I got a Quad. It's the one that's half Mark II and half Mark III pre amp. It sounds massive but tragically won't work in the loop of my Blackstar for some reason, so having to bag a cheap tube power amp. Thanks for the advice on switching. But honestly I think I'll be doing it via the 1/4" jacks as there isn't midi on the Quad.
  6. Thanks I hoped it would be that simple. And your assumption is correct. Taking delivery of the preamp today so I know what I'm going to be spending the rest of the evening doing. In you connection directions when you say 'Mesa out' do you mean the main output that would under normal circumstances be going to a power amp or the effects send? Yeah, I'm going to back a full size on as soon as my bank balance recovers a bit because they ain't cheap but I need the 1/4" jacks to connect to the various switching jacks on the Quad. Appreciate you get back to me man.
  7. Hey peeps So I'm toying with the idea of getting hold of a used studio preamp or Quad (if I can stump up the cash). I want to get a little of that Boogie meat into my tone but don't have the cash for a full blown Mesa head. I'm currently running my Helix 4CM with my Blackstar Series 1 200. The idea is I'd be by passing the preamp on the blackstar in favour of the Mesa pre but I'm trying to get my head around how this will work cabling wise. So signal chain at the moment is Voodoo Labs GCX / Various drive pedals and fuzzes / Helix / BS Series 1 / Cab & Weber loadbox line out. Anyone help me out/has done this before? Also, regarding the switching. There's obviously pedals for either of the pre's but I'd kind of like to use the floor control as I am at the moment and use my helix to control switching. However the footswitch plugs aren't your standard plugs so I'd have to use the remote switching jacks. On the Quad there are 8 of these... how does that work with the one external switching output from the Helix? Would it be a case of investing in something like the Amp Gizmo so I can keep using Midi? Look forward to any and all suggestions. Cheers Matt
  8. Just something that's occurred to me in the last couple of days as I'm kicking around the idea of getting a tube pre-amp and using my Helix for FX. It would be awesome if you could component model power amps in the way you do pres. I'm thinking a la Two Notes Wall of Sound or Bias Amp. I have an idea in my head that it would be awesome if you could use the Tube Pre amp as a block in a signal chain with a power tube simulation block after it. So you can record output from your Helix but use the Tube Pre amp... Don't know. Is it a stoopid idea... who knows.
  9. neuk01642

    Helix and amps

    Hey all. This has probably been covered elsewhere so apologies. So I'm thinking of returning to the dark side and getting a tube amp but I wanted to hold on to my Helix and use it as an FX processor. So my question is, how do I put some of the helix effects in front of the amp and some in the loop. As an example, I might want to run a phaser in the front and a delay and reverb in the loop. I've mentally gone through the routing and I can't see how to get it working. Presuming it can be done and I'm just being a numpty. Cheers Matt
  10. Thanks Martin, will check that out.
  11. Hahah... don't I know it. I've been through 6 months fighting with a Kemper trying to get it to do what I wanted and now into my 3rd week of tweaking with the Helix. Has to be said the Helix is proving a lot easier to dial in than the Kemper for studio tones so hopefully that will translate to sorting out the live sound as well. Thanks for the mockery-free advice dude, really appreciated. Seems this forum has a smaller percentage of arrogant 'professionals' than other forums for other products. Everyone seems pretty up for the discussion and sharing advice and experience. Thanks again
  12. Cheers Man. No man, didn't mean to imply you were mocking me. I just always feel like a bit of a fraud frequenting these forums with so many working musicians. I guess it's the only way you get to learn. Think I'm going to be taking myself off to a rehearsal room pretty soon and cranking the bad boy up and doing some work on my tone at volume... Two sets of patches it is then
  13. So man, being that I haven't been on a stage in the best part of 25 years and the last time I did I had nothing to do with the sound at all and my back line was a 10 watt lollipop box practice amp, a couple of questions for you. Do you have two sets of patches. Live and recording? Or do you tweak on the fly? Or do you set up for live and that's what you record with or is there another way. This probably seems like a ridiculous question given I'm playing with a pretty expensive piece of kit but it was the most sensible solution to getting good tone offering lots of flexibility and taking up little enough space that it wasn't going to lollipop anyone off. Anyway, let me know and try not to mock my noobishness too much :D
  14. Cheers for the input. I actually made all my patches first using my KRK monitors and headphones so I was getting the full FoH treatment (all be it at a greatly reduced volume). I've only just got my power amp and I was all set to tweak the patches to remove the IRs and create a second path.
  15. I've been having issues but I've put it down to playing an 8 string. For the regular 6 strings it tunes fine and is comparable in accuracy to my TC Polytune, but the B and F# are a pain in the arse. The tuner works sometimes but often won't register the note as being played at all or will delay such a long time before registering I get the feeling I'm tuning the note decay not the note itself.
  16. That was my thinking but I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing anything really dumb or missing some obvious reason why it was a bad idea.
  17. Was thinking the other day some side chain filtering options on the compressors would be awesome. A true clean boost and out and out treble boost in the distortion section. Some Diezel-esque amp models (VH4, Herbert) and some Friedman Esque (BE100, Dirty Shirly, Buxom Betty, JJ).
  18. I've got extensive EQ as I'm playing 8 strings so keep a tight bottom end is essential. I guess I'm not really looking for huge changes in IR sound from the cab, I just want it to sound lollipop hot so you get the inspiration. Has to be said, there is a fair bit of bottom but I've never found it out of control and it's balanced with a good mid presence and plenty of top end. Good to know it's not a completely alien concept keeping the IR's in place.
  19. Good to know I'm not alone. Has to be said, it's changing my thinking on a potential 2x12 purchase. I was originally going to go with a cab that reflects the IR's I've chosen (in my case a V30 and a Lynchback), but now I'm thinking maybe a G12H 150 Redback. Maximum headroom and then keep the IR's in place.
  20. So here's a funny thing. I've been running the Helix for a couple of weeks now and only took delivery of a power amp last night. I was fully intending to create duplicate paths for all my patches using path 2 which mirrored path 1 but without IRs. Path 1 would then go to the XLR outs and path 2 to the 1/4" jacks. In the interests of making sure the power amp was working and connected properly I gave a couple of regular IR laden patches a run through... and they sounded amazing through the cab... I don't know what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting the paths with IRs to sound better than those without when played through my cab. What's everyones experience? Do you turn off your IR/Cab blocks when using backline or have you found they sound pretty good leaving the IR\s in place? Are there any issues with keeping the IR blocks in and still playing through a cab? I don't know if it\s because of the type of speaker I'm using (Celestion G12T 100 100watt), but as it stands, I can't see any reason to take the IR's out and create a duplicate path. Which means more fun can be had using two paths in one sound...
  21. Hey About to hook up my Helix rack to control my GCX loop switcher via midi and was wondering something? Is it possible to send multiple cc messages with multiple values when activating a preset via the floor controller. Example would be: I switch to a clean sound I have two loops with two pedal I want to activate. But I suspect I’d also need to deactivate the loops used for my gain sound. So I would essentially need three cc message with two on and one off message to be sent on activation of the preset. Is this possible? Thanks Matt
  22. Got one. The GCX is powering loop changes for analog pedals. The idea is I use the Helix Control to change patches on the Helix while sending midi CC or PC messages out to the GCX to activate the right loops. M
  23. Hey all Does anyone know if the midi out on the Helix rack has pins 1 and 3 wired? I want to switch patches on my Voodoo Labs GCX from the Helix but the midi in on the GCX is active so it sends 9v DC current back down pins 1 and 3 and I don't want to cook my Helix. Let me know people. Trying to get this bad boy hooked up and I don't know if I need to order passive cable as all mine have active pins 1 and 3. Thanks Matt
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