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  1. Can someone point out where the "Clear All Blocks" button is located on the PC editor? All I can see is the "Clear Block" option. I don't think it would be wise to simply hit the "Delete Key" on your (PC editor) to delete the entire patch until there is an UNDO / REDO button added on the Editor page. Otherwise you could delete a patch & then get really pissed when you learn you've just deleted a Patch by the flick of your "Fickle Finger". Yikes! That would be awful if you spent hours creating a masterpiece! If Line 6 were to ad a "Delete Patch" then I think it should become part of the current option menu that opens when you (right click & are presented with) "Copy, Paste, Import, Export, Rename" a patch. A delete function on the drop down list followed by "Are you sure?" would help but I still think as a safety precaution an UNDO / REDO button would help incase you really messed up. Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Cheers
  2. All the equalizer adjustments used in various areas within Helix are displayed with the Low frequency adjustments at the top & Hi frequencies at the bottom of the editing window which is really upside down & against the natural grain. These should all be reversed so they follow a logical Hi to Low order that one would expect to find on an equalizer. The 10 band graphic EQs are also displayed in the same (horizontal) way but should really be displayed with vertical sliders instead of horizontal sliders. Currently they are displayed as I have previously mentioned above. I know this sounds trivial but there things make it more natural to follow.
  3. Comment from PeterHamm regarding the editor to be released. The editor is not out yet, just a librarian. You can load patches and send them to the unit if you want. Honestly, I can't see why the editor is going to be much of a need here. It's just going to be the front panel of the unit on your computer. This unit is way easier to edit than my HD 500 and I've only been at it for a few hours! Comment from ncockerill regarding the editor to be released. No doubt that editing directly on the Helix is very easy and intuitive. The only need for an editor for me is to save having to bend over and do the editing, or optionally putting the Helix on your desk. But then you can't easily operate the footswitches. Its either bend over to make edits, or put on your desk, put then you have to stop playing to press the footswitches with your hands. It's workable for sure, but I for one will use the editor quite a bit once its available. ToooooShaaaay ncockerill ! Me too ! I couldn't agree with you more! I use the PC to edit all my gear. Most of the time the equipment I am using is too far away in a rack elsewhere. I can tell by the comments from the L6 moderators they don't like any negative opinions regarding their baby. I just received my Helix rack & although the screen is fairly large I find the Joystick a pain in the butt because you tend to bump a setting every time you are on your way to make another adjustment. The Joystick is not very comfortable either. L6 neglected to add 4 outer touch pads at the end of each direction to make life easier for navigation. Would have been better to have Bluetooth & edit this with an iPad or an iPhone. It's also too bad that the screen is not touch sensitive because then we wouldn't need the Joystick at all. I guess that will be re-leased in "Helix on Steroids" or "Grown Up Helix" or whatever incarnation it is released in next! They will make it eventually & I for one will be buying in to it! Anyway, I still think it's a big step forward for L6 & thanks for all your hard work guys! We can live with it.
  4. OK here's a couple of effects that I have used in the studio to enhance audio & think it would be nice to have access to them for the guitar. So, how about adding a BBE Sonic Maximizer & an Aphex Aural Xciter pedal to the effects blocks. Both of these effects add the clarity to any guitar. Cheers!
  5. In response to post # 24 from phil_m the UberGuru who posted the following response . . . . . When it's available it is really just going to mimic what's on the Helix's screen. Here's the deal Phil ! I have terrible eyesight even after my Cornea transplant & Cataract removal 3 years ago. So I figure my 27" monitors are substantially larger then the LCD screen on my Helix rack which should help me immensely, Ya' think? ' nuf said! It's Christmas in the middle of March thank you Santa! Thanks to everyone @ Line 6, I just brought my Helix Rack home yesterday & I think it is fantastic! Good job guys, good job!
  6. I hope this is the correct thread to post my request for an addition to the current Firmware version 1.06.5. If this is not then I would appreciate someone pointing me to the correct thread & repost this request. The current choices when setting the MIDI patch map is set under GLOBAL SETTINGS>DISPLAYS>PRESET NUMBERING & there are only two choices 01A-32D 000-127 I currently use 001-128 map in my sequences when playing live because the patch numbering scheme is easier to follow rather than transposing the numbers within the midi sequence. If you use the 000-127 then your patches start with 0 (ZERO) & end in 9 (NINE) per bank of 10 whereas the 001-128 scheme is easier to view/follow since the patches start with 1 (ONE) & end with 10 (TEN). Based on this I would like to see a third option that would automatically transpose the scheme to 1 thru 10 rather than 0 thru 9. 01A-32D = 4 patches per bank . . . A,B,C,D x 32 000-127 = 0 thru 9 . . . 10 patches per bank 001-128 = 1 thru 10 . . . 10 patches per bank I know this isn't a real big deal but it's things like this that make it easier to match a users current workflow & solve the problem within seconds rather than hours & days of modification in the sequence. Thank you LINE 6 you've done a fabulous job on this beast! I love my new rack! Just received it yesterday & am having a blast! Cheers
  7. Although I have used many guitar processors over the years I still use my Digitech 2101 twin tube because of the sound that the tubes provide. Editing this beast in a live situation is not an option, & so I have no alternative but connect it to a PC to perform any serious edits. The LCD is far too small for any guy of my vintage to be messing with without resorting to a magnifying glass. God how I hate revealing my f*+^ing age! Nevertheless, I'm still having a lot of fun producing music that makes a lot of folks real happy, & sometimes even makes them cry. I ordered my Helix rack back in Nov 2015 & I'm patiently waiting for it to arrive so I can put it to use. Till then I though I would post some issues I have & get some opinions from current users. I believe my features would necessitate a second re-incarnation of the Helix such as a Helix V2 that would provide use of a wireless remote control for both a computer & a foot controller. Let me explain. I have recently purchased a Behringer X32 digital mixer that I use for live gigs & have also purchased an V3 iPad that sports a piece of software that mimics the mixer completely. Having the iPad mounted on my micstand provides crazy ease of access to my live workflow with graphics that are easy to read (even for a blind old bat like me) & making it a breeze to adjust any parameter that the mixer has. Since a few manufacturers such as Roland & Behringer are fully behind wireless (remote control) technology providing access to their gear via a wireless remote scenario, I find it difficult to believe that Line 6 totally omitted this functionality. Perhaps it's the price point? I really don't know. My Roland i7 was $1695.00 complete with software & wireless functionality & my X32 Rackmount mixer was $2,300.00 also complete with wireless capability so I don't see price as a breaking point. Perhaps it's already on the table as Helix V2 so they could make sales all over again. I don't want to get into politics here but perhaps it's a bit of planned obsolescence. Everyone's argument or opinion of the current way to perform an edit is very credible. However, there are those who prefer to work in a way that technology is leading us & that is to use either a PC, iPad or your iPhone to access a piece of gear all the way to Tim-Buck-2 & back. Hell, you can even answer your front door while your on vacation & see who's ringing your doorbell. I prefer to leave the gear in a common rack, sit in my favorite position in the studio & have access to any piece of gear that I currently own & use. Is this concept affecting my current buying decisions? You bet it is. Everything I am currently considering needs either wireless access or it better be accessible via USB otherwise............no purchase! I mean no disrespect to Line 6 at all because I think they are spot on with the Helix line, it's a fantastic product, but the future is already here so I am sending fair warning that from here on in there should a policy that fully embraces wireless access regardless of what it is you have built. Behringer could have said the same thing with the X32 (good enough) but their response to providing any means of setting & editing their products have really opened the doors to this long standing problem. Redundancy is never a problem, but rather just another door to access whatever you need to access, however you want to access! Let me decide how I want to interact with your gear. Thanks for reading folks & Cheers!
  8. VicKlonin

    Helix FAQ

    When will the unit deal with spillover? I don't feel it should be the type of feature that has a group of engineers around a corporate table trying to hammer out a solution after the metal work & switches are in place. When a unit such as this is priced @ $1,949.00 for the rackmount and $649.00 for the floor controller (in Canada) you'd think that spillover was a MUST FEATURE given it is dubbed a PROFESSIONAL product. This kind of like Ferrari saying hmmm... where should we run the exhaust pipes Gorgio? I don't want to sound outlandish however, even my old Digitech 2101 designed in 1993 had a spillover feature that one could adjust from 0 to a maximum of 10 seconds for each patch. A long echo or reverb would sound very natural and allow the performer to play right into the next patch without any sudden stoppage of the previous phrase. The second thing I wanted to know is (for the rack mount unit & floorboard) why there isn't a second set of I/O's (or patch bay) on the floorboard along with a guitar input considering it will be placed so close to the performer? And last, how are impulses managed & loaded in the system and accessed within a patch? Or, do they become a global utility affecting effects such as a Reverb or Echo? Regardless of these shortcomings I have faith in Line 6 coming through with solutions in the very near future. I have been very impressed with the demo's I have heard on Youtube and cannot wait to receive my rack mount unit from L&M in Calgary, Alberta.
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