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  1. Hi again, it's been more than 9 months since i posted about this issue. Here is what happened: I e-mailed Line-6, they didn't give a damn, so again, i gave it to another repairmen, he also couldn't figure it out and i had to throw my 250 $ into the garbage. BUT, last month, i was going to buy TC electronic flashback delay, i tried it couple of times, i didn't like it, so i saw a used line6 dl4, at first i hesitated and then i said what the hell, i bought the same pedal again :D what can i do? the tones are really incredible, it's working without any problems these days, but we will see...
  2. Hi guyz, I am having a constant problem about my delay unit. At first it started freezing during loops, it used to be ok if I replug the unit, it used to keep working like that. But eventually it started not to turn on, I had it repaired last week, the repairman told me that the issue is really prevalent in most of the DL4s anyway, I got it back yesterday, I had a performance, it worked really fine but now it decided not to turn on again. Actually it was working just fine this morning, i was messing around with some live looping stuff. And then bum! it freezed, (i wish it had a ctrl alt del button lol). I need help. Did any of you have this issue? p.s: 1-i'm not running it with the batteries, 2-i'm pretty sure that i'm using the right power supply 3-yes i tried another power supply
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