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  1. I'd also like to see some updates to the Firehawk. The Helix is not budget friendly whatsoever, and for basement players like myself its just not worth the money for a helix, even the LT is too much money. The Firehawk is a perfectly good unit and has everything I need, just could use some software updates.
  2. Hi all I have a line 6 Amplifi 175 amp and I thoroughly enjoy it. However one of its features are really starting to annoy me. I'm trying to disable the function where when I start playing a song from my library, a list of suggested tones drops down and it automatically switches to the first one. I really want this to stop. I find some other tones that are available are so much better than the ones that are suggested, but when I pause the song to go switch to the tone that I want and go to un-pause the song again, it switches the suggested tone again. I've switched off Auto tone loading in the options menu on the remote app and it will still do it. Does anyone know how to permanently disable the auto tone load function when I play a song?
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