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  1. I found the same problem in my Hx Effects updated. Hope they solve it soon!
  2. No I don't have a pitchy but I would like to simulate the rotary control on whammy (and pitchy) with a midi controller. The rotary on whammy changes the interval of the pedals, for example : 0 + 24 0 + 12 0 + 7 0 + 5 0 - 3 and so on. What i think is that this settings are the parameters Heel and Toe in the Pitch Wham on the hx effects, right? So I would like to understand if theese parameters are editable via midi cc. Thank you
  3. Do you mean you can change the max position of the pedal via cc? i was asking because I was hoping that can exist a device like the evenmidi pitchy to change the “whammy preset” via a whammy style control https://www.evenmidi.com/midi-controllers/3-pitchy.html
  4. Hello, reading the manual I can't find this information. Is it possible send via midi (CC or PC) some message to change the Whammy block interval settings? Is there anybody that was able to do it? Thank you
  5. Hello, I'm a happy Helix owner and I'm thinking to buy the HX Effects for my "analog" rig. The only feature that I don't like is the 4 preset view. Is there a possibility, even in the future to see 6 presets in this view, changing bank with an external device or with the 2 switches on the right in some way? Thank you, Daniel
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