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  1. I see some patches but most have the FX set to bypass. How can you set a delay to do dotted eighth notes?
  2. Where did you find the midi control codes to use in the pocket pod? I have used this before on other units but usually had a table of codes to work with to send the unit. Thanks
  3. Can you control the Pocket Pod with midi controller? Set the patches and control settings, etc.
  4. Works fine with them. I plug the direct out headphones into them which gives me stereo. I expect you can also plug into the amp out.
  5. Thanks, I have a Pocket Pod which doesn't say anything about it. So it adjusts what?
  6. New to Pocket Pod but not to editors. Have several Digitech ones with their editors on pc. Using Win10 and pod works fine and updates through Monkey so all seems connected correct. Good tones and are able to change, download, save, upload from library etc. However, the navigation seems needlessly convoluted and difficult, Not too difficult through the editor but almost impossible in the pod window. Areas are seen that aren't addressed in the editor like banks. And what is "Air" in the editor knobs???? I add a new set and I don't see it in the editor???? It saves and restores but does not show in editor except under one of the other labels like band, pod or user. Just does not seem a logical connection between navigation in the pod and in the editor.
  7. Have you seen the Chris Tomlin ones in the library? Might be similar.
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