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  1. I have a JTV-89F that I recently purchased that exhibits the same resonance problem with the Gibson J200 model. I haven't seen any followup on this issue within the forum and I understand that these issues can be hard to track down when they are not occurring across the board for everyone. But it is still irritating to deal with when buying a new piece of gear, esp. when buying the jtv primarily for its acoustic models to alleviate some arthritic hand issues when playing actual acoustics. As mentioned previously in this thread, it makes the J200 model unusable as is, e.g. when plugging directly into my Roland AC-60 acoustic amp (I was not able to remove it with that amp's tone controls). I've gotten around it with a parametric eq in the pod hd500x to kill the resonance with a tight Q setting. But there are times that I don't really need or want to use the pod at certain gigs. Here are my observations on the issue in case there is anyone listening: It is only evident on the Gibson J200 model. No problem with mags or any of the other stock models on the JTV-89F. As mentioned previously in this stream, it is evident on the D string 4th fret, A string 9th fret, E string 14th fret. Surrounding frets do not exhibit any problems. Interestingly, if I use an alternate tuning, e.g. 1/2 Down, 1 Down, etc., it still occurs on the F# pitch (i.e. rather than the physical frets associated with the F# in standard tuning) It occurs even if I am listening on headphones when attached to the pod hd500x (i.e. not based on audio level feedback). All of this (including it being seen on different jtv's) seems to indicate that it is an artifact of the model rather than some physical characteristic of the guitar. But it is possible that something physical is also contributing.
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