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  1. PHroom335

    No "Mode" Option - Stuck in Snapshot

    It happened to me once . Did global reset with Fs 5 & 6 and after I did restore global settings from backup .
  2. PHroom335

    Expression pedal bug

    Same here.Did complete uninstall everything from Helix and then reinstall HXEditv2.8. but still the same error with EXP.
  3. PHroom335

    HIRB, a Helix IR Browser

    It only works for me when I copy and paiste next link : http://www.dave-merrill.com/helix/hirb/index.html Working with Firefox and Edge Win 10 b1803
  4. PHroom335

    If it's of interest...

    Thank you !
  5. PHroom335

    Helix foot controller - pod hd500

    P 11 Helix 2.0 Owners Manual - Rev D : NOTE: If you don’t want Snapshot footswitches to disappear after selecting one, set "Global Settings > Footswitches" > Knob 4 (Snapshot Mode Switches) to “Manual Return.†In this case, Helix stays in Snapshot footswitch mode until you press FS6 (CANCEL)