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  1. Hi, I've just bought a Line 6 Helix and I've hit a bit of a brick wall. Something I was hoping it could do is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Basically, I want to be able to do two things with a single click of a footswitch: I want to be able to start the looper playback (of a loop that's already been recorded) and change to a different preset at the same time. I've found one way to do this, but it's problematic. I ran a MIDI cable from the MIDI output back to the MIDI input to trick the Helix into sending itself MIDI messages. Then, I created a new preset and programmed one of its "instant" commands with a CC message to start Looper Playback as soon as that preset is loaded. This works. When I click the preset, the looper starts, but there's a short latency delay before playback begins (the time it takes the Helix to change presets). It's significant enough to screw up the timing of the loop. The other workaround is in Stomp Footswitch Mode to program a Midi Message AND an on/off Block Controller into a single footswitch. This would allow me to turn on an overdrive block while simultaneously starting the looper. But that's a lot more limited that changing to a whole new preset. The reason I want to do this is so that I can begin playing a composed solo starting on beat one. If I have to press "Play", then exit looper mode, then change presets it will ruin the moment. Any ideas? Andrew.
  2. andrewkennedy

    Helix FAQ

    Hi, I have two questions. - what are the dimensions of the helix? - what is the looper time of the helix? (24 secs? 48 secs?)
  3. andrewkennedy

    Internal Midi Messages For Looper?

    What if I used Midi Controller Pedal to control the POD? The controller could simultaneously activate the "Play", "Loop Exit", "Patch Change" button presses in one go yes?
  4. andrewkennedy

    Internal Midi Messages For Looper?

    Hi, I own a POD HD500 which I use for solo gigs. I generally leave it in looper mode with an acoustic guitar so I can do solos. However, I find the looper feature restrictive in that once I get a loop going I can't change sounds (for soloing) without exiting looper mode. I also have to switch my sound back to my clean sound before going back to looper mode. This constant switching between modes means that solos are less seamless, there's always a (musical) delay at the start and end of each solo. Is there some way to program extra midi commands into the looper buttons so that when I press the "play" button, it automatically switches my sound to a different patch as well? Currently I'm considering buying an external loop pedal which seems like a waste. Andrew.