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  1. Hello I am trying to implement a channel change in Ableton Live 9.5 with M9, i.e to make M9 send some MIDI program change or another message that will switch between the channels. I tried using the MIDI mapper to assign Scene Change mesages from M9 to the Session Recording buttons (works perfectly with KEY mapping and a normal computer keyboard). However all I'm getting is a weird mapping interpreted as Pitchbend messages (see attached image). When trying it out nothing really happens. In the M9 Advanced Manual there is a MIDI map for scene select in Appendix A but I can't say I understand it: Scene Select Memory Location Program Change # Scene Selected Scene 1A (Fldr 1; 3) 0 (Fldr 1); 12 (Fldr 3) 1A (Fldr 1); 1A (Fldr 3) Scene 1B (Fldr 1; 3) 1 (Fldr 1); 13 (Fldr 3) 1B (Fldr 1); 1B (Fldr 3) Scene 2A (Fldr 1; 3) 2 (Fldr 1); 14 (Fldr 3) 2A (Fldr 1); 2A (Fldr 3) ... Any suggestions how to go on about this? Yuval
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