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  1. I think there is a limitation to the frequency range that the Shuriken can shift. I have mine physically tuned to drop c# (drop d down 1/2 step) and the when using a full octave lower via the Shuriken, the bottom string doesn't consistently get the note correct - think it is optimized for Standard or drop d physical tuning. I use it anyway because it gets it right most of the time (9 out of 10 times) and I don't play it open often. Ps I am using 10-52 strings but don't want to go heavier gauge than this. If you wanted to go to C you may need heavier strings than this... dunno how well it would work though
  2. A chap who works for Line6 said on a Facebook forum that this will be addressed in the next update. Fingers crossed.
  3. P.S. Guys, sorry for the late reply. I found a combination of the Lester Bridge with the special bird body got me pretty darn close to my PRS tone. Just gotta try it at volume now... Thanks for your help
  4. Hi All, I have a shuriken and helix (all with the latest firmware installed) I notice that when i’m trying to select the preset model for Variax on the Helix (under input settings for each preset) the models names listed dont match up to the Shuriken model names - I assume this is becasue the Helix stores the JVT models rather than the Shuriken model names. Example: User I (1-5) is the first set available on the Shuriken, and this matches up fine on the Helix. The next set on the Shuriken is User II (1-5) but is labelled T-Model (1-5) on the Helix. And the rest of the names dont match up either. This is very confusing when trying to select the appropriate User model on the Helix to force for each patch becasue the names dont match up and I end up having to count from the first and scroll through one by one. Is there a solution, or is this a known issue? Cheers, Phil.
  5. Thanks all for the advice - I’ll have a crack and see what I can come up with. Appreciate the help guys!!
  6. Hey All, Just bought my first Variax (Shuriken) to use with my Helix in my band Stormbird. We do Alter Bridge esque stuff and I'm trying to figure out the best workbench model settings to use to replicate my PRS SC250 with PRS Dragon 2 pickups. Its basically the same tone as the PRS Tremonti signature model. Thinking that neutral body or Les Paul body with Les Paul pickups is the way to go but wanted to see if anyone has a good recipe I can use. Thanks in advance! Phil.
  7. Phil_B

    8 is not enough

    Hey Guys, Sorry to jump in with a question - I encountered this issue today (got my Helix yesterday) because I'm trying to toggle between 4 different amps within one patch. Not sure if i'm going a bout this the right way, but I'm using the 4 Tone Switcher template as a starting point and then using the footswitch assign to change the levels associated with each amp. Im sure there is an easier way though...
  8. Thanks mate. Tremonti Power Wah would be my preference but either would be great ;)
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