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  1. Hey guys, Did a search, didn't find anything, posted on facebook and didn't get far, so I'm trying here: using the low and high frequency cuts, can you make the fasel wah pedal in helix behave like the GCB-95Q and SW-95? I know the last two have a +15dB boost, and I assume you can use a gain block to do the same thing? if anyone has done this and would care to share settings and also boost before/after pedal?
  2. Where can I get the app to use this/what is it called?
  3. so if I have a jam track playing on my mac and I want to record that plus my guitar, it won't let me? that was solved for me, by looking a bit further, if they have m they are minor and otherwise Major it doesn't in terms of my buying it matter, but I want accurate information, and since I have 4 different configs I've come across, all for the 30, I want to know which is right tbh the only deciding factor is will it do what I want, and it looks like it mostly will.
  4. Hey Guys, I have my global setting for modes to snapshot view 8, so I can see all 8 snapshots at the same time I'm pretty sure at one point when I pressed the "mode" button above "tap", it allowed me to see the presets to switch between them, however when I press mode now, all 8 scribble strips go blank, and I can only choose preset up and down on the far left side I'm sure there's something silly I've forgotten, so if anyone could help me out with it.. Cheer, Axl
  5. considering buying 1, and will be initially doing open mic night/coffee shop type things around Dec... could you please tell me how you battery power it, as that would go delightfully with my G10 running off a usb battery pack...
  6. Hey Guys, I used to use an Amplifi FX100, which I sold and moved to a Helix I find that for concentrated guitar practice, as opposed to creation, I work better with something different and less convoluted, so I'm thinking of getting an Amplifi 30 amp set up in a different room, as a dedicated practice set up. Before I push the button, I've got a few questions, I'd greatly appreciate someone or many someones with existing Amplifi 30s answering. With the backing tracks in the app, if you are playing them, do they get recorded via usb if you are connected to a DAW or will only your guitars input be recorded? The backing tracks in the app say the Key name, but not if they are major or minor... does anyone know, or know how to find out? Different places on the internet say different things re: the speaker configuration, does anyone know what it actually is? Size, number, response range.. Cheers, Axl
  7. a bit late to the party, but who wrote that *brilliant* FAQ?
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