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  1. I've heard some great tribute acts too - definitely not nailing every song, but certainly pulling off the tone and feel in a lot of places. I think there's even an argument for tribute acts over the original artist in some cases, as they are so faithful to the original recording. For your average Joe it can subjectively be better than the live arrangement the original artist performs; the number of times I've heard 'non-musical' people raving about a live performance because it's indistinguishable from the album version... :)
  2. My favourite kind of whine is red and in a large glass :D
  3. Haha - it occurred to me just after I posted
  4. Shame this positive thread about what elements people were looking forward to in 2.50 to descended into another moan - and a moan about moaners. Give yourselves a round of applause.
  5. I'm sensing a lot of love for these legacy FX - I'm getting more excited by the second ;)
  6. :lol: Hahaha! I came to Helix from BOSS, so I've never used any of the legacy FX that are coming - anyone have a particular favourite?
  7. Now we've got the juicy list for 2.50, what's got your mouth watering most? I'm really looking forward to the HX reverbs, and I think I'll have to get in amongst those legacy filters pretty darn quick too :D
  8. Apologies if the excitement and anticipation came across as hounding! My comments (and I'm sure others) were intended to be a light-hearted expression of how pleased I am with the release notes and what we'll be getting. I too am a software dev, and fully appreciate the Line6 way of working - if only my clients would allow me to work in the same way!
  9. Bwaaaahhh! I can't take it any more - where is itttt????? :D
  10. If you think you've lost warp containment or that the Borg are attacking, I think we can rule out the girlfriend bit :)
  11. Snapshots—Select one of eight snapshots to instantly recall all block on/off states, up to 64 parameter values, certain Command Center values, and tempo. Awesome! Thanks very much guys!
  12. Haha! That would be a very good thing to happen! I'll get back in my box.
  13. Just in case anyone's interested, I went for a flight case for mine - it's the Helix specific one from Thomann: http://www.thomann.de/gb/thon_effect_case_for_line_6_helix.htm?ref=search_rslt_thon+helix_375295_0 Seems great so far - time will tell if it's really well made or not. Also, the adhesives they've used in construction smell quite a bit...
  14. Being able to use more than one switch to toggle the same effect/block is the first thing I missed from my GT-10! Really an essential feature for me too.... Can't believe a unit of this quality lacks this flexibility... As for "We do this because otherwise, it'd be really easy to get into a completely jacked up state where mental gymnastics would be required to get back to where you were." Well this was never an issue for me before, and if you get into a state, just leave the preset and return to it and you're back to the default saved state...?
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