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  1. Having this same issue with FH1500 amp and the iPad app. even the app refers to selecting the FAVORITE button during playing now mode but neither are actually visible. unless I'm missing something this is a fairly basic request for something that should work. I simply want to order my tones that match the set list we will be playing at a gig.
  2. It got my sound guys attention since we couldn't get the XLR out to sound right, he insists on mixing the FH1500 with S57 or similar . Went straight to just FH1500 sound, no xlr, no mic full band sound. I was definitely loud enough but will want to get signal out to PA one way or another. The attention I got from my other band mates was quizzical . When we started playing "Born on the Bayou" I had the tone ready to go, sounded great and they wondered how the heck I got that, then switch to a blues tone etc. I like it, got a $15 dolly at the tool store (next to my local guitar Center) ;) so moving the amp around isn't so bad, lifting it is ok until I get too old for that. Looking forward to refining by tones and downloading more from the cloud. Got some great Petty sounds and Jerry Garcia sounds. We mix it up with a variety of Dead, blues and country rock stuff. I am hoping the next patch fixes the issue where some of the tones show on the iPad and amp but nothing is there, have to reboot. that is a bug for sure
  3. Is the only manual for the Firehawk 1500 amp the"pilots guide"? Would like to have a comprehensive manual that I don't seem to have for such a complex device
  4. Having the FH1500 on stage got everyone's attention at band practice last night. Really need to dial in the XLR outs to get beat sound. Lost connection for some but not all ones from my iPad. Had to unplug it and plug it in again. It's a darn computer!
  5. Love the tones I hear from my new FH 1500. Practiced with our band sending out from XLR R/L to PA system. Way too much Bass and muddy sounding. Disconnected and drove it hard to sound good but what is the suggested method to get these great sounds to the PA. Mic with sure 57 or XLR out? Need to know before we gig next week!
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