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    MIDI Clock

    Hi everyone! This is mostly directed toward Line 6, because I think a lot of potential buyers would like to know. I have a ton of pedals and use a lot of them live. I have some of them synced to MIDI clock, and one that sends a metronome to my drummer, so I can use tempo based effects live, such as tremolo, step filter, delay etc. The Helix is amazing! It does most of what my current rig does, plus so many things you can't do with an analog rig at all. And obviously it sounds amazing as well, as one might expect from Line 6. I would buy a Helix to replace my current rig this year if it could send MIDI clock. Are there plans to incorporate a MIDI clock? If so, will it come in a firmware update, or will it require a new hardware design? Thank you!!!
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