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  1. I updated to 2.91 seemingly without issue. The meters started acting erratically but I didn't see the pattern. I rebooted, they worked fine. But after a while of playing and editing on a patch, the output meters were a couple seconds behind synch with the sound. If I don't play for a few seconds, the meters will die to nothing. If I hit a chord, they don't move until a few seconds later. I can't say whether the lag is constant, but it's at least a couple seconds. The compression meters on the LA comp were acting similarly with a big lag. Changing presets doesn't change the problem. On further investigation, meters on the output of Path 1 are fworking fine. It's only the meters on the output at the end of the 2nd path that were delayed. The compressor was in the B path. I deleted most of the blocks in the 2nd path, including the delay and compressor. The output block on 2 still showed delayed, the output on 1 was still fine. I added a compressor into Path 1. It's meters registered fine. The meters on the output of path 2 were still lagging real time. I rebooted the unit. No output meters would register at all. But the meters on the compressor on path 2 were working correctly without lag. I changed from snapshot view to signal routing view. The meters suddenly displayed, but were lagging. The meters on the compressor on path 2 were now also lagging. I rebooted. The meters on path 2 were lagging by only about 1/2 second, as were the compressor meters. But the meters on the output of Path 1 were fine. If there is a specific test you want me to do, let me know.
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