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  1. Thought it a bit expensive but connects my JTV to meet firehawk without difficulty and doesn't get tangled particularly.
  2. Hi - I've got the same feeling. I have a trusted tech/ luthier and I'm going to ask him for a view. Not only is the action high, but the .strings feel rather over - tense, more so than my other guitars, all of which are longer scale. I'm in Manchester (England) so not much use to you. May I ask if this is one of the recent models? Best wishes
  3. I've got JTV 59 and firehawk and they work and sound like they were made for each other. The iOS app is easy to use - and I am someone who doesn't enjoy tweaking. If you've played with a firehawk you'll know how easy it is to create sounds using the iOS app.i haven't noticed any problems with latency or delays when switching between tones. And the people who post on the line 6 communities really know their stuff so in the unlikely event that you have a problem someone will probably know how to deal with it. Looking at the date of your post you are hopefully a proud owner by now. Best wishes
  4. Has anyone retro fitted a Tremelo arm to a 59? Before anyone says it, yes, I probably should have bought a model with a factory fitted trem, but I didn't. I saw some beautiful looking 59s with bigsby machinery on the internet, which looked ideal. So I contacted Bigsby to ask then which model they recommend and they said the 59 is one of the models to which they don't recommend adding a term. I contacted Floyd Rose but got no reply. Just wondered if any one has any relevant experience or insights. Thanks very much. The posts here are really interesting and useful. I have JTV 59 and firehawk. They sound excellent in combination. Best wishes
  5. Well thanks again, Uber Guru, that's really helpful. Off to the shop, then. Best wishes
  6. Thanks very much Uber Guru, that's a really helpful reply. Thanks for taking the time to reply. As you can tell I am a compete novice, technologically speaking. I have one further question, if I may? Over the years I have collected lots of music technology. One useful thing that several of these items have is a "set list" function. What you do is allocate successive settings then scroll through them, so that when the next song comes up, you go to the next setting, which calls up all the parameters etc, associated with it. Is it possible to do this on the firehawk, either with the device itself, or maybe with the iPad app? That would be a really useful feature for me. Hope you or someone else can answer this. If it's possible I'll be off to the shop this afternoon!
  7. I don't actually own one yet but am thinking of buying one to use with JTV - 59. One thing that would clinch it for me, but which I cannot find out about is concerned with pre sets. I get that the firehawk can associate settings with particular guitar models via variax, but all I want to know is whether I can allocate a specific guitar and associated settings so that it comes up when I press button a,b,c or d. From what I have seen these buttons enable someone to alter elements of the selected patch. I do mainly theatre work. Last week, I needed distorted lead, clean lead, clean electric rhythm, and acoustic. If I had had the firehawk, could I have allocated each of these to one of the preset buttons, so that when I want to change from say distorted lead to clean lead I could press button b, then say button d for th acoustic. THe other thug I wanted to know is whether I can have a variax and and another guitar plugged in at the same time, and access all the features? This may be very basic for those of you who already own one, but I cannot find anything which specifically describes this application. Also sorry if some of the terminology is not quite correct. Many thanks in advance for your help.
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