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  1. Thanks for the input guys. I have gotten the keyboard to play the synth in the computer as I had described earlier. But I still have a problem. The MacBook will only play the synth thru its built in output. When I open the sound preferences in the MacBook and select Helix (USB) I receive a message that says, "the selected device has no output controls." As I played around with other settings, I lost audio altogether but the on-screen keyboard (Crystal's software keyboard) was lighting up in response to my playing the Korg. I know this is a simple solution but there is something I am missing. Thanks again for all of your help.
  2. Hi all you wonderful Helix users!! I recently purchased the book "Refining Sound: A practical guide to synthesis and synthesizers" by Brian K. Shepard. I did not know when I made this purchase that the book would come with a fully programmable three oscillator software synthesizer (Crystal). I also have a Korg X5 keyboard synthesizer from about 1995. The Korg does not have a USB connection but does have midi in,out, and thru. I wish to use the Helix as and audio interface with my MacBook Pro to connect the Korg to the Crystal synth as a midi controller. I have the MacBook attached to the Helix via USB and the Helix midi out the the Korg midi in and the Korg midi out to the Helix midi in. I am not very versed in midi and so far have not been able to control the software synth with the keyboard. Is what I am trying to do possible? Thanks for any insights, Nip
  3. rzumwalt, I have experienced some lag and loss of tone out of my boss sy-300 when i use it in the helix effects loop. Have you had any problems such as this? Is there any advice or tricks you could share on this subject. Thanks !!
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    Agreed. I have had so much fun playing the guitar for the last 2 months since I have switched to the Helix. I have worked with the factory presets, purchased Glenn's Artists 1 package, and created many sounds on my own. Now I am starting to play with IR's and snapshots a little more intensely. What a pleasure to have all of these great sounds at your fingertips. To sound like Hendrix, then Clapton, then Hillage with a step of the foot. Priceless !!!! Thank you Line 6. The future sounds GREAT ! And thanks to all of the Helixheads out there. This forum is awesome.
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