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  1. I got the Line6 Editor to work. I went into msconfig in windows and turned off all programs and services that I didn't need running at startup. After a reboot I'm up and running :) If I had to guess I would say the sound card utility was the cause. Hope this helps others with this problem. John
  2. That did not work. :( Last night it worked long enough to save my settings. I don't have a clue why.
  3. Hello, Firmware: Helix 2.0 OS: Windows 7 sp1 (all updates) Editor: 2.0 This problem also happened in 1.12. I just updated to 2.0 hoping it would resolve the problem. :( When I open the editor, it crashes the minute I try to do anything. The error says "Helix has stopped working" If I click on the view details box it says problem event name = BEX John
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