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  1. I'm glad we finally got this, but I'd really like (a) the Output Meter to also be in HX Edit, not just on the device itself, and (b) to have an actual graduated meter with numerical readings. I play in a band where I use 12 or more patches (and 3-4 snapshots per patch) during the course of a show and have always been frustrated by the trial-and-error approach to level matching them all by ear. The Output Meter certainly helps, but a graduated meter in HX Edit would be ideal. Is there a particular thread on this forum for enhancement requests? Was poking around briefly this morning but didn't see it.
  2. palladinojt

    "-28" error?

    Helix Rack, firmware v2.71. Last weekend I powered it up and for the first time since I've owned it there was a small "-28" in red in the upper left corner of the screen (wish I got a picture, but didn't), and stayed locked/frozen on the boot screen. I was at a gig at the time so my stomach dropped momentarily. I turned it off, turned it back on again, and it started up fine with no issue. It ended up not creating a problem, but again being the first time that ever happened it concerned me a bit. Anyone familiar with this at all? Anything I need to do/be aware of? Thanks!
  3. Are Helix patch files and Firehawk patch files the same file type? I have a Helix Rack, and a friend of mine is considering purchasing a Firehawk 1500; I'm wondering if he and I will be able to exchange tones/patches we create. Thanks!
  4. I think that did it - thanks so much!
  5. Using Helix Rack and Control. I've created a number of patches for live use, where (for example) Snapshot 1 is rhythm, Snapshot 2 is lead, Snapshot 3 is bridge/break, etc. I'm trying to configure Helix Control such that the four middle buttons on the top row show me patches A-D of whichever Bank I'm currently in. When I select a patch (1A, for example) I want the four middle buttons on the bottom row to be Snapshot 1 - Snapshot 4. When I switch to 2A, I want to then see its 1-4 Snapshots, and so on. I've gone through the manual a few times and haven't figured out how (or even if) this can be done. Thoughts?
  6. I will try that as well, thanks. Hopefully I still have some empty block space on the signal path... Apologies for this next part - just want to make sure I understand (I am going to test this later when I'm home): So if I try this approach - in Snapshot 1: reverb block 1 is ON, reverb block 2 is OFF; in Snapshot 2: reverb block 1 is OFF, reverb block 2 is ON. When I switch back to Snapshot 1, I should still hear the full decay of the last note played in Snapshot 2, through reverb block 2, BEFORE I switched back to Snapshot 1 and that block was switched OFF?
  7. Trails are on. I have a patch where the reverb decay time and mix are both reduced from the "lead" Snapshot to the "rhythm" Snapshot. But when I switch back to the rhythm Snapshot I don't still hear the decay from the lead. If I switch from Snapshot to Snapshot, where Snapshot 1 has a 5 second reverb decay and Snapshot 2 has the same reverb block set to 2 seconds, will the last note played on Snapshot 1 still continue on at 5 sec decay, or will that switch to 2 sec when the Snapshot change is made?
  8. I know that reverb/delay trails do not carry over during a patch/bank change, but I thought they carried over from Snapshot to Snapshot within a Bank, though to me so far it doesn't sound like they do. Am I mistaken?
  9. Thanks. I'm thinking I might be able to make the "1B" patch just another Snapshot within 1A, so I can stay at 1A the whole time and just go from Snapshot 1, to 3, to 2, then back to 1. I'll have to experiment a bit but that should be do-able.
  10. I just upgraded to a Helix Rack about a week ago; really like it so far. The foot controller was backordered so I haven't received it yet (due in a few days) but I've got some introductory questions before it arrives. I've created a few patches for live use, and essentially what I'm doing is (for example) creating a patch in Bank 1A where Snapshot 1 is the rhythm guitar tone, and Snapshot 2 is the lead guitar (slight drive/delay/reverb boost). I've got some instances in some songs where I would be playing Bank 1A, Snapshot 1; I would switch to the patch in Bank 1B; I would then switch back to 1A, but would need to go directly to Snapshot 2 instead of 1. Is there any way to do this, or would I need to lay out the patches in a differently in order to make a transition like that?
  11. Thanks. I'm typically working through HX Edit from my PC rather than on the front panel of the unit itself. I had the Helix owner's manual that comes with the unit but didn't find the separate manual for HX Edit specifically until later; I believe I found what I was looking for in there. Will test tonight to confirm.
  12. This was quite a surprise coming from a Pod X3 Pro and GearBox, where this is basic functionality. I could open one preset in Tone 1, open another preset in Tone 2, save as a Dual Tone, and tweak each to my needs. We seem to have taken a rather bizarre and inexplicable step backwards with HX Edit in that regard. So far I have NOT been able to edit a block parameter in one Snapshot without it also changing in the others. I can only set bypass on/off to be Snapshot-specific.
  13. That's what started this whole line of questioning - I want to copy an entire preset, but paste it into the SECOND signal path of a pre-existing bank (without overwriting the first signal path in that bank). As far as I can tell, I can't do that. That's why I'm copying the blocks one-by-one. Another question regarding Snapshots - seems like from one Snapshot to the next I can have different blocks/elements switched on or off, but I cant make other changes. For example, I can't have a signal path where in Snapshot 1 the Drive on the amp is set to 4, but in Snapshot 2 the Drive is set to 7. If I change that parameter, it changes it in every Snapshot. Is that correct?
  14. Thanks. Yeah - what I've done in the past w/my Pod X3 Pro is opened a session in Studio One and sent each tone in the patch to a channel input - that would allow me to monitor and compare the tone levels and match them. Would be nice to have it all within HX Edit but can make do without.
  15. Thanks. One more question - does HX Edit have any sort of VU meter or output level readout? I'll be creating Dual Tones w/Tone 1 panned hard left and Tone 2 panned hard right, and I'd like to be able to see each tones output level so that I can match them as close as possible. So far I haven't seen anything like that. Thanks!
  16. Thanks. Any thoughts/advice on the first question?
  17. Just upgraded to a Helix from a Pod X3 Pro a few days ago; loving it so far but am slogging through the learning curve between GearBox and HX Edit. A few questions: (1) I've taken a factory present tone and copy/pasted it into one of the vacant USER banks to use as a starting point for customization. I want to create a Dual Tone, so I want to take a second factory present and copy/paste it into the second signal path of the same USER bank to which I pasted the first preset. When I try to do this, it pastes the entire patch/tone over the entire USER bank, so I still only have one tone in the first signal path (the new/second one), but not both. I haven't been able to figure out how to do this yet. Any help would be appreciated. (2) Is there any way to copy/paste multiple blocks simultaneously, or can you only copy one at a time?
  18. Any issues with multiple guitars on the same stage using multiple G10 Relays simultaneously?
  19. I've got a Pod X3 Pro and a Shortboard MKII; running Gearbox. I'm new to the Shortboard and don't know how to reprogram what the Function 1 and Function 2 buttons do. Can anyone walk me through it? Thanks!
  20. I have a Pod X3 Pro that I run through a QSC power amp into a 2x12 cab. I'm going from the 1/4 INCH (Live) OUTPUTS on the back of the X3 Pro into the QSC, and I have the AMP/LINE selector switch set to AMP. I usually have both the QSC and the X3 Pro turned up pretty high to get a decent volume. Yesterday I tried switching to LINE and the signal got much louder, to where I always thought it should be. I always thought the AMP setting should be selected if you're sending the signal to an amplifier - makes sense, right? But I'm thinking now that AMP means if you're sending it into the instrument input on the front of a typical guitar amplifier, and that LINE should be used if sending the signal to a power amp. The names are a bit misleading (at least to me) and the manual doesn't go into any further detail. Is this correct? Should I be set to LINE when sending into an external power amp?
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