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  1. Andy sure does have an incredible tone from that amp. Did you see the NAMM video on YouTube where he was talking to Captain Lee about how the rented Lonestar which had issues and used the AT Angry Charlie in the FX loop? Awesome player!
  2. I turned my Artic White HSS Fender Strat into a Suhr / Pete Thorn Clone after watching his first Helix demo on YouTube. The Artic White HSS Suhr he used I just fell in love with. I PM'd him on The Gear Page and asked for the specs which he provided. Now my Strat has a Suhr Thornbucker Plus Humbucker in Bridge, Suhr V60LP Single Coils in the neck / middle positions, Suhr Electronics, TusqXL nut, locking tuners, etc. The guitar sounds fantastic but I need his fingers to really bring it all together. I'm a Pete Thorn nerd! Here is the guitar after it was built. I guess I could have just bought the Suhr model he has. I'm actually glad I didn't because building this guitar player taught me a lot. Also he now has a Suhr Signature guitar with humbuckers. I don't like the Gold and at NAMM they announced a new color but no white. He replied to my Instagram post about having his signature Suhr come in white so I think it might happen in the future. I love white guitars so I'm in if they do offer it. Strat 1 by , on Flickr
  3. Guess what I have? DMC by , on Flickr
  4. I'm looking for a tone with lots of verb and delay but more on the verb. Anyone have anything like this from Bob's tone. I need some really ambient tones for some of the lighter stuff we're working on.
  5. I'm just not an analog pedal person. In my home studio I've been using Guitar Rig 5 and TH3 while my analog pedals collected dust on the floor. I sold all my pedals to buy the 500x and couldn't be happier. This is exactly what I needed, to simplify my tones. I no longer have to chase tones as I have my Set list saved with 40 of them now. In the past while recording with pedals I'd have lots of down time dialing in knobs for certain tones. Now it's a foot switch away, zero down time. I don't see myself going back any time soon. In fact for sure I'll be moving to a Helix or Axe FX rack. It could have been soon if I had the 500x when I started a year ago.
  6. That's what I figured but just wanted to see if there was a work around. Honestly my 500x doesn't move from my studio so it's not a big deal. I hadon't a Line 6 looper back in the day with a Memory slot for saving projects. The 500x would have been nice to be able to save set lists to an SD card.
  7. I'm a noob and still haven't scratched the service of all its features. So I made 40 presets through the Line 6 editing app and savEd my Set List to my desktop. Since owning the 500x it's been connected to my PC. My question is this. If I disconnect the USB chord there isn't a way to retrieve my Set list so can I make patches and save them without USB?
  8. So since I'm on vacation I've spent lots of time the past few days with the 500x. My Set list has 44 tones currently from clean dry to drop By metal. YouTube has lots of tones I've copied which has also taught me how to create my tones. I finally understand which amps are what (Fender is a Tweed, etc). Again, I kick myself for not going this route. So easy to use with Reaper.
  9. Well I've had 5 hours with the 500x and so mad at myself for not buying this sooner. I'd probably have a Helix by now for sure. I'm shocked on how good the tones are out of this box. Since I've had experience making patches on TH3 and Guitar Rig I've realet caught on quick. Sure is nice to record with the 500x, recognized through my DAW (Reaper). No need to mic amps or cabs anymore, makes my life easier.
  10. I made some patches last night, I got the hang of making them. I'm at 30 patches from clean to metal. I love have the 500x works so well with my DAW, Reaper. I don't have to do any FX, it records how it sounds. I'm so glad I bought one of these, this is what I've been looking for. Wish I had bought it a year ago, I'd be upgrading to a Helix by now. For now I'm content.
  11. I'm fine making my own patches because I know what I want the tone to be. I'm not even 24 hours with it, I'm still such a noob I wouldn't even know what to do if someone sent me patches anyway. I made about 8 patches that I love. I need to make more clean ones.
  12. When I was in the market for a 500X I noticed on Reverb people selling patches for $10. What's this all about? How do you get the patches? Guess I'm just confused. I'm not buying them just wanted know if this legit.
  13. To the OP. If you would like to exchange your Helix for POD 500X I'd be more than happy to do so. I'll throw in a couple of bucks.
  14. It came early and OMG, why I didn't order this a long time ago. This has become a game change for me.
  15. Well I'm a proud owner of a 500X. It'll be here on Friday.
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