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  1. In the opening few seconds of the video you can see a nice shot of the Helix. Nice to see that with all the toys he has access to he still uses his Helix!! Killer song as well Pete!!
  2. SWEET!! That's a TON of Reverbs and Effects!!! I see lots of tinkering in my future...... :)
  3. RIcky, I agree with some of your post, I have been a lifelong Roland/Boss user, I have uses the GT series for many years. I've had the GT-3. GT-8, GT-10 and most recently the GT-100, all with Zero issues. I kept each one for a minimum of 5 years or longer and yes no issues. I've had the Helix for just about a year with one issue, I don't think this is going to be a long term issue, but only time will tell. Yes I would like the Helix to have a better warranty, but I understand why they don't. I appreciate the generosity that Line 6 has extended to me by repairing the unit. It seems to be a common occurrence lately with anyone who has had a legitimate issue and I thank them for it.
  4. Good news!!! I would like to thank the good folks at Line 6 for the quick turn around time on my Helix. I dropped it off at the Authorized repair facility Wednesday March 22nd. Got an email from them telling me that Line 6 didn't have the parts to send them but they wanted it sent to them to them for review since it was an unusual repair. They graciously offered a loaner but I declined and said as long as I have it back by my next gig in two weeks I'd be fine. Got a call this Wednesday saying my Helix was back, they replaced the entire expression pedal with a new one and replaced a faulty power switch. Even better news was they covered it under warranty. I was pretty sure I was out of warranty since I've had it over a year, but they covered it anyway. So it's back, I've upgraded to 2.20 and it's working great!! Thanks again Line 6!!! Todd Larick
  5. MusicLaw, I use this case... It's a nice built case, it's the same one that Glenn DeLaune uses. For $100.00 you be hard pressed to find a nicer case. Here is a picture of it.
  6. From the release notes.... Everyone better follow the update instructions!!! lol "If a user fails to read and follow the update instructions, Helix will engage Snapshot 2 in preset 8 Templates > 32D every day at 4:30 AM"
  7. Looks like the bushings were worn badly causing the expression pedal to lean and rub. The repair center at Line 6 wanted to take a look at it because of the unusual defect/damage as they put it. I assure you there has been no tampering with the unit. Here's hoping it gets repaired quickly!
  8. Had to take my Helix in for repair today. I've got a three week layoff of gigs right now... Hope it's done in time!! I had originally contacted them about the expression pedal rubbing on the side of the case but at the gig on Saturday I opened the case and the power switch rocker was laying in the case. I was able to push it back in and turn it on but I don't trust it. So of course I'm out of warranty so I'm sure it will be expensive to fix but I"ll be glad when it is done. Here's to hoping it's done in time for my next gig!!! Todd
  9. OK finally got around to taking some pictures. In the side view you can clearly see it's rubbing. Any suggestions??? It's not a lubrication issue.. The pedal operation is quiet, but when weight is put on the pedal with your foot it rubs. See pictures. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Todd
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys, however, I'm not sure this is the same issue, mine is quiet from the gear assembly. It is physically rubbing, metal on metal on the right side of the slot where the expression pedal slides thru, like the alignment is off. I'll send a picture when I get home from work.
  11. I did a search but didn't find any definite solutions so I started a new post. Anyone have a issue with their expression pedal rubbing the case? It has steadily gotten worse over the last few weeks. The metal side of the pedal rubs on the right side of the opening when pushed forward. Of course I don't hear it during a gig but it doesn't feel good and sounds horrible when practicing at lower volumes at home. I have not taken it apart and don't plan to even though I think I'm out of warranty, I have heard bad things about how it is assembled. Anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks, Todd
  12. Same here, really wanted the AX-8 but the wait was incredibly long. A good friend got a Helix so I went over to his place to check it out and after seeing it and playing with it I had no desire for the AX-8. Found a great deal on a used Helix and bought it and haven't regretted it at all. Then about three weeks ago I got my "Invitation to purchase" from Fractal. I had no problems replying to them, thanks but no thanks... I bought a Helix and love it. I got no response from them... lol
  13. I've got a G30 mounted right on my pedal board and it works great. I can see battery life on the receiver and it keeps the cable runs short.
  14. Impulse Response. Check out this link
  15. I used four strips of these to attach mine to my pedal board and my Helix hasn't moved yet. Great stuff. http://
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