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  1. hi yep i had the same problem .You have to use windows 10 first deinstall everithing of line 6 then install the drivers only for line 6 you can choose that option in the downloads page then install line six updater.To install the drivers you need to have disconected the amplifi and then connect whith the amplifi on when requested by the driver updater.I didnt find this information anywhere just trying.This device does not work whit android unless you have install firmware 2.5
  2. Hello again I finally solved the problem.I installed before installing line 6 updater the line 6 drivers for windows 10.Then I installed the line 6 updater.then I pluged the usb to the computer with the amplifi 150 on and runned line 6 updater and no problem to recognize the device.Then follow the instructions. I hope that will help to someone Best regards
  3. Hello from spain.I bought the amplifi 150 i tried to update via bluetooth whith muy ios ipad but said update fail.I also tried with my laptop computer windows 10 but the line 6 updater does not recognize de amplifi 150 so cannot do it either.Does any one have any idea how to solve this problem. Thanks Iñaki
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