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  1. I use the Helix into the same Bose setup quite a bit. I ended up cutting the highs quite a bit on the Tonematch for the Helix input. I can't remember exact parameters at the moment, but I think I started with an unmodified channel and used Bose EQ to cut highs and even boost the lows a bit. I used a QSC K12 as my comparison. Basically I was trying to get any Helix patch to sound the same on both the Bose and the QSC. Without EQ modification, the Bose was much more shrill sounding.
  2. Your problem should be fixable with a little testing. The Helix is a great sounding device. Here are a few things to try: 1. Create a couple of basic patches for testing from scratch. Maybe a WhoWatt 100 for clean and a Brit Plexi Brt for crunch. Keep these very basic. 2. Turn Guitar PAD on. I do not have active pickups, but with PAD off, I generally get bad sounds. Definitely a good first step. 3. Make sure your LINE vs MIC output settings are correct. This depends on what you are running the helix into, but Mic level vs Line level can make a big difference. 4. Keep your master volume at 50% (12 o'clock position) for testing just to make sure you aren't sending too much signal to the receiving device/speaker.
  3. bertwilson


    T5 user here. I use the the T5 and Helix heavily for gigging in an acoustic (and electric) duo. I will definitely give your preset a shot. My setup is odd, but works pretty well. Can't remember the exact settings off the top of my head, but I believe it is actually a fender amp without a cabinet attached - set very clean. I duplicated it from an old HD500 patch I used for years.
  4. Same experience here...it gets MUCH better. Also...I was used to loading the HD500 with the bag flat. With the helix bag, it works much better to stand it on the end and then slide the helix in from the top...if that makes sense.
  5. YES!!!! The Timmy!! I borrowed one of those years ago and fell instantly in love with it! My love for the Helix continues to grow!
  6. I did keep everything at line level. Those were my settings since the beginning so I made sure to get that set right. The symptom I'm having is similar to line vs mic level from a sound standpoint. I'll do some more digging on the mic settings part as well.
  7. After updating to the 1.04.3 firmware, I noticed that most of the factory presets sounded fizzy/slightly distorted. I thought I had heard this issue before so I wanted to reach out to see if anyone had ideas. The Helix has gone from sounding amazing to not so good. I am hearing more fizziness in my own patches as well, although they are not as pronounced as some of the factory presets. My procedures included: -Backed up my presets with 1.02 Helix software -Updating firmware from 1.04.1 to 1.04.3 -Ran full reset for presets and globals after patches -Noticed bad sounding presets....particularly amps with more gain - the Jumped Plexi was terrible -Ran reset for presets only - Ran reset for presets and globals again -Checked global out settings - Line out for XLR and 1/4" -Downgraded to 1.04.1 firmware -Ran reset for presets and globlas
  8. I used to think all presets sucked as well. But here we find the beauty of the Helix....if there is one setting or effect in a preset that you like, you can simply copy that block and paste it into your own preset. I LOVE this about the Helix....so easy to grab any part of a preset and put it right into whatever you have created.
  9. Killer! Thanks for adding lots of storage space. I used to cram way too much into the HD500 bag. This will be perfect.
  10. woohoo! Sweetwater order has been sent to fedex. Let's see if the ivernight shipping was worth it.
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