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    Unfortunately still doesn't work. It starts to say update on the amp itself but on the computer it says "Firmware Update Failed An error has occurred. Please try again. Please follow these steps when updating your Line 6 Product. 1. Turn the power switch off, then back on. 2. Ensure the USB cable is connected directly to your computer and not to a hub or peripheral such as a keyboard or mouse. 3. Click 'Continue' and attempt the update again." Then it goes back to saying ERR UNKNOWN
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    Hello everyone. So I went to update my Firehawk 1500 and it crashed during a bluetooth update. Now I am getting ERR UNKNOWN coming up. I then went to reset it to factory resettings (holding volume and tap when powering up) and it just says updating. It has been updating for several hours. I then decided to download the driver onto my Windows (10) and do the update from there. It starts the latest update then gives me an error. As of now my Firehawk is unusable...any tips or previous experiences with this?? Thanks everyone!!
  3. My Firehawk switch colors are off. My distortion shows a lime green and reverb is yellow. My bands other guitarist has the Firehawk as well And his are fine
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