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  1. Thanks Fudgaf. Just got mine wired up and works great!
  2. And if you have a great sounding bass you don't need to bother with the amp models. I run the no amp option through a 1x15 cab model and it really brings out the tone of my instrument but it would be different for a passive bass so keep that in mind too.
  3. So far as I can tell it is safe to use. I'm a guitar player mainly but joined a group as a bassist. I own an Ibanez 505 bass with active pickups and a 150w ampeg combo with a bunch of effects on a pedalboard. I was looking to clean up my rig and the firehawk did just that. I've only had it up to about 60% at gigs and practice and it handles all the frequencies of the low mids and lows very well. Great effects and tone versatility also. Using the wireless relay also helped clear up the mess too 🤘
  4. Do either of you guys know if the firehawk 1500 is wireless ready? Or do you need to buy he base for the g10 wireless system? I have the g10t but it doesn't come with the base. Just wondering if I have to buy more stuff after dropping a grand on an amp. Thanks
  5. Hey guys. Thanks for the advice. Got it working! I was unaware there was a separate driver for the amp. Got that installed and it works in audacity perfectly but my server is down for my DAW at the moment but it should work. Thanks again
  6. I'm having issues using my spider v 60w amp for recording. I had it working but there was a huge latency issue and when i went to fix it, it completely stopped working. I have windows 10 and was using the program ohm studio to upload and share music using Livewire cord from amp to computer. All drivers/software are up to date. If anyone has a fix for this or has any ideas to try it would be appreciated. Thanks
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