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  1. Just so everyone knows, I opened a support ticket and was told that I needed to bring the Helix Rack floor controller to a service center for a repair. I'm going to try to do that next week. Will report back.
  2. I've had the same problem for a couple of months now. Holding the tap tempo button does not reliably enter tuning mode and tapping the tap tempo button results in severely high bpm settings. It's easily double time. 3 slow taps will often return 240 bpm. Needless to say, its impossible to get delay times to match bpm in a live setting. Any advice would be really helpful.
  3. I am also having this issue. Plus when I hold the tap tempo to enter tuning it doesn't reliably switch to the tuner anymore. This is new behavior to 2.9 and 2.92.
  4. While I don't have a T5Z, I do use Helix with an original T5 regularly. For acoustic sounds, I run a 3Sigma Taylor acoustic impulse into a studio preamp and then through a variety of fx depending on need. For electric guitar sounds I created a patch based on Line 6's fender amps. One of the things I found was that I had to goose the output stage a bit to have the signal output match that of other guitars through other patches but it works well and I have had a lot of compliments on the acoustic patch.
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