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  1. I was going "koo-koo bananas" trying to figure out why the battery wouldn't work - and as per an earlier post it was just a bent contact in the battery box (looked ok, but when seating-in the battery one of the connectors was not lining-up and making contact...)
  2. suggestions for future additions... 1) Detailed Manual with all the effects and their parameter controls description 2) Keeley Bassist Limiter/Compressor 3) David Eden WT800 Bass Head + 4 x 10 Cab
  3. drdip69

    3 OSC Synth

    hello - I am new to synths... can anybody give me a quick run-down on the helix 3 OSC Synths control parameters (having trouble "controlling" the beast...) and what they actually do... thanks in advance.
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