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  1. IN the my case I have the HX stomp , and i had some noise issues till I power JUST the HX- Stomp from the DISTRIBUTOR and everything go to one of the gigrig ISOLATOR and that solve all my issues . Not too sure about m9 I'd would using an isolator or different module like the evenFlo , but I believe the polarity on that is reversed .
  2. ElPapo

    HX Stomp FAQ

    The best way for me to explain this would have to be a short video clip , I'm new here not sure if I'm allowed to . One thing though if you have a chance to check out either an MXR analog chorus or the BOSS CE-5 they both have low and high cut on them you could really see it's not the same . On the pedal doing so affect the actual sound of the chorus effect and any separate EQ affects the patch . Hope you get what I'm trying to explain .
  3. ElPapo

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Why not ONE of the line 6 modelers have a chorus model that you have control on parameters such low cut and cut on the actual chorus algorithm ?
  4. I been trying to control the Hx stomp with disasterarea design dpc , I'm able to change presets but can't turn on the turner via or bypass the HX stomp . anyone here have an idea ?
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