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  1. I am sitting here in Europe / Austria ... I bought the amp from Musik Thomann in Germany online. They are very, very good! I am customer there since 20 years. But we have weekend, you know. THX Alex.
  2. Thank you cbrillow, I am working since 25 years in electronics and I hate people who telling me how to switch on a computer or burn a rom. You are right, the frustration is the problem. I spend my whole weekend on different devices and tried all firmware versions I found. Not one works. After turning off wait 5 Minutes and turn on the Amp it fells into this recovery mode (blinking) Absolute Bad Electronics. I found out, that I tested a floorboard 3 Years ago, with exactly the same problem. Then I thought I was because of my cheap android phone. But this is symptomatic I think.
  3. I can update via USB (Win10) or Bluetooth (iPad PRO) and load factory default. But my AMP always run into that mode where all 4 LEDs blinking. I have no more Idea, what i can try. Brand new AMP and absolut lollipop Software.
  4. Hi guys, did anybody slove the problems? And if yes, how?
  5. Yes i found it out today. Most time after flashing the FX100 the Windows-Updater showed me the Firmware-Version, which i flashed to the Device. But one time it showed me 1.9! And than i got it and i knew that i must overwrite all registers --> factory reset. Huawei Media PAD X2 with Android 6 works fine. The App use a lot battery. Thank you!
  6. Hi, I use the Huawei Media Pad X2 with Android 6 On my first day I was annoyed with my new FX100 an the APP. Bluetooth Connection ist ok, but if i want to choose the device the messsage is: "It appears you are conneted, but it's firmware is not up to date. Please update ..." The Firmware is 2.6 (from today 2016-11-11) Then i tried 2.0, same game. Suddenly the Updater Software on my Windows PC shows me Firmware 1.9 !!!?? Now i know, that i must make a factory reset, as i read somewhere. And now it works. WAF
  7. Insane 2-year old discussion. I bought my FX100 last week. I updated the FX100 to Firmware 2.6 on Win10. Info: After installing the Updater (in most maunal called "Line 6 Utility ...") you have to restart yout PC. The Line6 Software seems to be very old-style. Bluetooth on my Huawei Media PAD X2 with Android 6 (Simular to GalaxyS7 Hardware) connect to the device, BUT the Remote APP dosn't recognize the Device and reminds me for updating to 2.0 or higher. I testet it with my X2 and the Firmware 2.0. Same problem. I testet it with an Galaxy S3 (Android 5) and the Firmware 2.0. Result: No Bluetooth connection.
  8. Hi, are there some newer information? All devices in the list above are old! I use a mediapad X2 with Android 6 and it dosn't work. Anybody here using a Fire TV 10? Which newer android devices have you tested? Thank you. Alex.
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