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    Amplifi 75 update failed now won't work at all!!

    I am sitting here in Europe / Austria ... I bought the amp from Musik Thomann in Germany online. They are very, very good! I am customer there since 20 years. But we have weekend, you know. THX Alex.
  2. alexkirchner

    Amplifi 75 update failed now won't work at all!!

    Thank you cbrillow, I am working since 25 years in electronics and I hate people who telling me how to switch on a computer or burn a rom. You are right, the frustration is the problem. I spend my whole weekend on different devices and tried all firmware versions I found. Not one works. After turning off wait 5 Minutes and turn on the Amp it fells into this recovery mode (blinking) Absolute Bad Electronics. I found out, that I tested a floorboard 3 Years ago, with exactly the same problem. Then I thought I was because of my cheap android phone. But this is symptomatic I think.
  3. alexkirchner

    Amplifi 75 update failed now won't work at all!!

    I can update via USB (Win10) or Bluetooth (iPad PRO) and load factory default. But my AMP always run into that mode where all 4 LEDs blinking. I have no more Idea, what i can try. Brand new AMP and absolut lollipop Software.
  4. alexkirchner

    Amplifi 75 update failed now won't work at all!!

    Hi guys, did anybody slove the problems? And if yes, how?
  5. alexkirchner

    Windows/Android app

    Yes i found it out today. Most time after flashing the FX100 the Windows-Updater showed me the Firmware-Version, which i flashed to the Device. But one time it showed me 1.9! And than i got it and i knew that i must overwrite all registers --> factory reset. Huawei Media PAD X2 with Android 6 works fine. The App use a lot battery. Thank you!
  6. alexkirchner

    FX100 with Android

    Hi, I use the Huawei Media Pad X2 with Android 6 On my first day I was annoyed with my new FX100 an the APP. Bluetooth Connection ist ok, but if i want to choose the device the messsage is: "It appears you are conneted, but it's firmware is not up to date. Please update ..." The Firmware is 2.6 (from today 2016-11-11) Then i tried 2.0, same game. Suddenly the Updater Software on my Windows PC shows me Firmware 1.9 !!!?? Now i know, that i must make a factory reset, as i read somewhere. And now it works. WAF
  7. alexkirchner

    Windows/Android app

    Insane 2-year old discussion. I bought my FX100 last week. I updated the FX100 to Firmware 2.6 on Win10. Info: After installing the Updater (in most maunal called "Line 6 Utility ...") you have to restart yout PC. The Line6 Software seems to be very old-style. Bluetooth on my Huawei Media PAD X2 with Android 6 (Simular to GalaxyS7 Hardware) connect to the device, BUT the Remote APP dosn't recognize the Device and reminds me for updating to 2.0 or higher. I testet it with my X2 and the Firmware 2.0. Same problem. I testet it with an Galaxy S3 (Android 5) and the Firmware 2.0. Result: No Bluetooth connection.
  8. alexkirchner

    Android App

    Hi, are there some newer information? All devices in the list above are old! I use a mediapad X2 with Android 6 and it dosn't work. Anybody here using a Fire TV 10? Which newer android devices have you tested? Thank you. Alex.