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  1. Try the mic into something else....I'm guessing that the mic is the problem?
  2. If I tweak say the male vocal with reverb preset so that I've changed the eq, compression and reverb settings, and save it as say "Joe's vocal w/reverb" will that new preset always have all of those exact changes saved for when I use it again? or does the preset only save the effects and their order but not the tweaks? Also, In the scenes that are saved, I understand that everything from the trim levels, and effects are saved so you could have a specific setup for say a whole lot of vocal reverb and/or delay for one particular song and then load a different scene for a different song? Maybe I'm confused in that perhaps the amount of effects are saved in the scenes rather than the presets?
  3. I've bought the M20D, and have played with it at home and tried it at one rehearsal where we recorded a few tunes. I'm really liking it so far aside from the first time using it, I somehow lost one of my preset inputs (darn that auto-assign) but now I've got it figured out for the most part.
  4. Thanks for the links. I've just picked up a Samsun WIS12ABGNX wifi adapter (on the approved list) and it seems to work just fine. I notice it comes with a 500mm extension cable which I assume is for use with televisions to give it a bit more range? Is anyone else using this adaptor?, and do you use the extension cable?...mine seems to be working just fine without it but maybe out at a gig and I'm 40 ft. out front it might not work so well?
  5. Hi...I just bought a M20d and very new here...What type of USB wifi dongle will work to hook up my ipad?
  6. Our group currently use a bose L1 II with 2 B1s and tonematch plus a small aux mixer. 5 mics, 3 instruments through the PA but would need extra channels for bass guitar and mic'd drums. We've been playing around with videos and I've concluded to get the proper sound we'd like, we can't go with just a zoom mic etc. We need a multi channel mix that we can edit in a DAW afterwards to drop into the video. So, what I'd probably really like doesn't exist...a 12+ channel tonematch! I've been looking at digital mixers that can record multitracks as well and was considering a Behringer XR-18....very powerful but very complicated as I'd have to learn a lot about buses and signal routing etc. The other mixer I was looking at is a Line6 M20D which seems to be geared towards someone less technical but it too is very powerful with what looks like a high learning curve. If I bought one or the other of these, I'd just use it instead of the tonematch and have lots more channels. Any recommendations?
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