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  1. Yep, that was the trick. Recording is super easy in Quicktime if you're just doing a quick clip.
  2. Thanks, gunpointmetal! I am pretty sure I left the Re-amp Src (USB 7) to "Guitar" in the Global Settings > Ins \ Outs - which is why I'd be getting the dry signal in one channel. I was just doing a quick audio recording using Quicktime which meant it was recording all the USB outputs from Helix (in this case 1/2, and 7). I'll change the setting tonight when I get home and report back. Additionally, I could probably use Garage Band to try recording just channels 1/2 and not 7.
  3. The 1/4 and XLRs just send the final wet signal. The USB out recording has the wet signal plus the dry guitar sound with no effects. I first noticed it because I was trying to do swells where I strum a chord with the volume pedal at 0% and then press it down to 100%. The swells sound great on the XLR outs, but in the recording you hear a dry strum followed by the swell in. With my volume pedal at 0% the USB pedal out still gets a dry guitar sound in the right channel even thought XLR/1/4 outs are silent.
  4. I'm using the Multi-output to USB and I notice that my dry signal is always coming through on the right channel. Even when my volume pedal is at 0% and my XLR outs are quiet, the dry signal still comes in over USB. Has anyone else observed this on their Macs? I've tried both custom and factory patches, and they both have this issue.
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