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  1. Yeah!!!!! Thanks to our conversation I finally figured the Problem out!!! As you suspected - the formatting was the issue. The M20d has an internal 32-bit Floating Point processing, but puts 48k/24-bit files out! I exported the wav's in 24-bit PCM Format, and see there -> everything works fine, when Setting the demo up just as you initially prospected! Hell yeah! Merry X-Mas :-D
  2. Hmm...yes, I suspect whether this or something within the "session.dat". However, thanks a lot for your help...much appreciated! Best, Andreas
  3. Oh dear...thanks for the fast reply, but unfortunately that's exactly what I tried before, and now from scratch again. It wont load the session (in this case called "Recording") - so it sees the files and Folders on SD, as well as the session file...but won't load nor play back :-/ Any other ideas? Maybe any incompatibility? With operating System or with the exported wav's I want to use? I use a Win7 PC to set up/copy files on SD, the exported waves come from a Nuendo7-Project, in 48kHZ, 32-bit-float (basically the same specs, that the M20d generates) I also tried once with a 44.1k-resolution...same s**** :-P Oh, and the SD-Card is a Class10 SDHC, with 8GB space...
  4. Hey...okay, after reading again, my post seems quite weird to me as well ;-) Basically, I want to playback a multitrack Setup. I have a set of wavefiles, which I want to playback on the m20d for demo-purposes (a "live-mixing" demo without anything plugged into the mixer). F. e. I have 9 tracks, they should be able to playback via the recording-window, and then be tweaked/mixed. I know that - and how - this works, when using a multitrack record generated with the mixer itself. But I heard, that it should work as well, using other wave-files in the right Format. Does that make my questions a bit clearer? Thanks'n'best, Andreas
  5. Hey, sorry to re-awake this Topic again, but I am pretty down since I tried everything to get a set of waves running for demo-purpose but it simply won't let me playback my multitracks. I have a Demosong, recorded through M20d, wich always works perfect - the "load session"-function works. If I do it the way you described, it just wont Play and, somehow Logical to me, can't find a "session-file". Then I tried to manipulate the "session.dat" in various ways, but nothing helps. Maybe someone of you has an idea on that? In a nutshell: Format is 48kHz, 32-bit-float (just as recorded through M20d), I used whether just the waves (correctly named after Input channels/Scene), or an existing recording with edited "session.dat" or even a Setup made, recorded waves and then substituted through other waves with the same names (so that the session.dat would have the right Content)....NOTHING works :-/ Thanks'n'best, Andreas
  6. Hey, thanks for your fast response! Didn't thought about that yet, since it's all analog wired...! I think I have an option of "direct in" (unprocessed Signal Output)...I'll give this a try! Thanks'n'best, Andreas
  7. Hey, I found your request by coincidence - I suppose I can help ;-) ! If you're still interested, I'd follow up with an Email. Best, Andreas
  8. Hey there, I didn't find any open topic in this matter - so maybe someone here can help me out. I recently bought an Amplifi TT and a G10 (Relay) to not need to have a cable through my living room. I connected the G10 to the Amplifi via XLR to Guitar-in Jack, and the Amplifi via RCA/Chinch to my AV-Receiver. The latency must be around 10ms or more, so it's really impossible to play. I know the G10 from "regular amp use" and I never experienced a latency like this. Would be glad, if someone here can provide some ideas. Thanks'n'best, Andreas
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