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  1. So maybe through an un-mic'ed, real speaker cab (1x12, 2x12, etc.), one would not need to raise or cut anything? Now, I know that many players have always used an EQ in their analog chains before digital modelling, but when you look at Rig Rundowns on Premier Guitar, you don't really ever see an EQ in the chain......maybe all that happens at FOH.....dunno, food for thoughts
  2. Good stuff here guys, Thank you for the great insights. I agree, when I used an amp and cab or just a combo amp, I never used an EQ.....but it seems like a huge topic amongst the modelling community....
  3. Very Helpful - Thank you! Its just that sometimes, I don't trust my ears...........
  4. Hey Helix family - struggling a bit here and was looking for some thoughts, examples, etc for EQ or other settings in a patch to help the guitar cut through the mix in a live band setting. - Only vocals going through PA - I have my Helix and PC+, using a guitar with two humbuckers - the other guitar player uses a Tele with a humbucker in the bridge, and we have a bass, drums, and keys, and we play mostly rock-style cover songs. I have an EQ block on all my patches, but only use it for Low Cut/High Cuts. Where do folks place the EQ block if you have one, and what do you live players use for EQ settings, specifically your mid boosts - what frequency, how much boost, if any? Thank you
  5. From Frank Ritchotte at Line 6 - "Powercab is expecting a line level signal, so you must run your modeler's outputs at line level. "Turning up your modeler's output knob" doesn't mean it's necessarily running at line level; you'll likely need to visit the global settings to confirm Proper gain staging: Confirm your modeler's outputs are at line level, turn its main output knob all the way up, and play loud power chords. If Powercab's SIGNAL light flashes red, turn down your modeler's main output knob until it doesn't. If Powercab's SIGNAL light never turns red, you have additional headroom available."
  6. Just a couple of thoughts / observations / suggestions based on your post: For your Helix patches, be careful about creating them using headphones, and then using them live.....the sound will likely be very different - Fletcher-Munson and all that. They will need to be changed for live use...probably an EQ with boosted mids - there are numerous posts on this topic here and in the Facebook group. I use my Powercab + (PC+) as both a studio monitor and a live gigging amp using the patches I have made in m Helix. I run from the Helix to PC+ vis the L6 Link digital connection. If I need to go to FOH as well, then I run an XLR from the output of the PC+ to the board at mic level signal. There is plenty of volume on stage if I need it, as I have volume leveled the Helix patches, and I use various speaker emulations on the PC+ that are leveled as well. The Line6 Powercab is much more than an FRFR speaker. While it has that capability, it can also emulate various speaker models, and run IRs of your choosing. The cab models in the Helix are models of cabs that are mic'ed with various configurations and microphones. The Powercab speaker emulations are just that, speaker emulations, and what you hear is not a cab mic'ed - until you use the XLR output - then you get to choose mics and distance, etc. The Powercab user manual does a good just of describing and explaining this. You can still use the cab blocks in your Helix, but you would then only use the Powercab in FRFR mode......I think this just gives people another option when creating amp and effect chains....or maybe you don't like the whole cab/mic modeling and just want to go with speaker emulation in the Powercab Hope that helps a little.....
  7. The ability to create, edit, etc. presets in Helix Edit offline (with the Helix turned off or disconnected). Then you can connect to Helix later and upload or sync, etc. Thanks
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