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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! That solves all my problems immediately! (as soon as i find that setting) But i guess it wont be too hard to find. Thanks again!
  2. ooooh, okay i get what you mean... So the mode switch goes to STOMP mode, not Snapshot mode? And since i gues thats a yes, can i change that? Or is there a fast (on the fly) way to change between preset and SNAPSHOT mode?
  3. Well i have 2 Snapshots on the preset i tried it with and as said, when i go to snapshot mode in the global settings, it works perfectly... But thanks anyway!
  4. Hi! I've been using the Helix for 3-4 Months now and i really love it. Now i started messing with the whole Snapshot thingy... Basically, what i want to do is: - Switch between 8 presets normally - on one of my presets i want to switch the snapshots i've created - go back to 8 presets again Now, maybe i'm doing something horribly wrong but i can't get those simple 3 things to work properly. What i've done so far: I can switch to 4 snapshots / 4 presets in the global setting, this works perfectly. I can do the normal 8 preset thing. BUT as far as i understand, i should be able to switch between those modes with the "MODE" switch. But everytime i hit the "MODE" switch, ll the scribble strips go black and nothing else happens. If i push the "MODE" switch again, it goes back to 8 presets. I've done a global reset since, but this hasnt changed a thing. I guess there is some setting i am missing and then it should work properly? I would really appreciate if you could do a "step-by-step" explanation for dumb people like me^^ Or just tell me where the setting are that i'm missing... Thanks a lot!
  5. DUDE!!! I figured it out finally :DD I had all the settings right and checked everything a few times. Turns out, one of my spdif cables was broken T_T Strage to me how my interface could sync spdif with a broken cale but now i've changed the cable, everything works perfectly! Thanks a LOT for your help man! <3
  6. Okay i tested it and documented everything so first, here's the manual: Manual and then here is all the pictures of how i set everything: hope you can help me out here^^
  7. Thanks for the reply dude, i'll try to do it as you've written it, but i dont have any controlls in the komplete audio controller software that say "software playback" or "hardware playback". But i'll try again and see if i can get it to work somehow... i'll keep this thread updated, should be home in a few hours
  8. Hi! A quick question which has haunted me for the last few days.... So i use my Helix Pedalboard for recording with spfif. Means i connect the cables form my interface (NI Komplete Audio 6) to SPDIF in and out on my Helix. I pan the DI 100% R and my Amp tone 100% L. So i can record amp and DI tone digitally and still use my Interface as my main interface so i can have my monitors connected etc. Now i had some tracks recorded but the tone didnt fit the song so i wanted to Reamp it. I know you can do it easily with USB but as said, i want to have my Komplete audio still as my main Interface. Since i have SPDIF already set up i thought it was as easy as sending my DI track in the DAW (Studio One 4 pro) to SPDIF out and set the input on my helix to SPDIF. But my problem is that the SPDIF out shows signal but nothing comes out of the helix (or in for that matter). I tried a lot of things, for instant i send the DI to SPDIF L and R or and i treid paanning the output on the Helix differently or choosing a completely different output on the helix but.... NOTHING :( Does anyone know how to help me here or is there a video on how to reamp with SPDIF on the helix? I searched on youtube but didnt find anything... Thanks a lot!
  9. Hey guys! I wanted to know if you can assign the different outputs (balanced/unbalanced/L/R etc.) to different parts of the signal chain? For instance if i can assign one of the balanced outputs to the signal with cabinet simulation, so that i can run that into the PA, but assign one of the unbalanced outputs to the signal after the Preamp and before the cab sim, so that i can run that signal to a poweramp and into a 4x12 cab. Thx a lot for the help!
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