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  1. I have had same issue using two devices . if i use my phone then switch to ipad there is a syncing process when it lockes up i generaly re-pair the two bluetooth and give it a second to catch up. I have also noticed it has some function while syncing you can still select sounds . Hope this helps rock on !!!!!
  2. This update allows users like me to control their firehawk1500 amp with a pod hd500x over midi with some more control then was there earlier . Took a bit to get just right but the pedal controls all amp changes and effects on off with both vol/wah control ðŸ¤
  3. I have a set list that mimics the first 16 banks of the Firehawk. All is functional and named in pedal. Don't know if I can share a set list with anyone but would love to. I'm currently working on the next 16 banks for full control. Effects vol and wah all work from pedal with a single midi cable . Any one interested let me know. Flash
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