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  1. I moved my board downstairs, read the Line 6 advanced manual cover to cover and started over with plugging the unit in with it's included usb 5v adapter vs. using the 9v. It seems to be working and if so, it's going to LA with me for a show very soon.
  2. Dear Line 6, Is there a recall on G70 relay units? I bought mine new several months ago and it does not hold a signal for more than 5 seconds, despite updating firmware, cables and reading every single post on the forums. Let me know, thanks very much.
  3. I've bought a dozen line 6 products over the years and this is the only one that is not even usable for practice; same problems with dropouts every few seconds. I've had wireless systems since the late 80's; this was the most expensive one for me, and by far the worst. Completely unusable, with firmware upgrade, different cable, different everything. It just can't hold a wireless signal for more than 5 seconds. Wow, I vote for a recall. Even if they fixed each unit and sent it back to us, they would still be WAY ahead financially, and would keep customers happy.
  4. I have the same problem as Acousticat1, and I need help because I am past the date of return to Guitar Center. Anyone? I've been using Line 6 products since buying the AX212 tubetone amp for $1200 in 2000. This is not like them.
  5. I've had a lot of wireless systems since the late 80's. My G70 is brand new, and with the firmware update it stays on a channel for 3-7 seconds, then loses signal for about 5-7 seconds, repeatedly. I've tried changing the channel with no benefit. I'm really at a loss. I had the AKG wireless "bug" 15 years ago that worked awesome for several years. Just not understanding what the problem is. I've never experienced this with a wireless system. I use wireless Shure psm in ear monitors since 2004; wireless shure ulx-4 x 10 years with no issues. Liked the idea of the DI, the tuner in the unit, etc. but? It's not usable for practice or anything. Did I get a bum unit? Suggestions??
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