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  1. I have the same exact issue. I will be replacing the power jack this week. I'll take pictures and document what I do and gladly share it. Just shoot me a message
  2. Buy an iRig device. It goes in between the pedal and your phone. Works great for iOS not so good for android.
  3. I hope someone will have some infinite knowledge to assist me. I have a small amp at my house that I am using to setup the patches I like for playing at church. At home, through the amp, the volume is blowing me away and I have my amp between 1-2. When I get to the church and plug into their PA using the balanced out, I have to crank the master to max and go in a push the mixer to the max as well and then they even have to push their input levels to max to get a good mix. The other guitar player, when he is playing, doesn't have to do that at all. In fact, they have to back things down and he only has his master to about half way. I know it is a little apples/oranges comparison since he is using a fractal pedal while I am using the HD500 but it seems a little excessive for the amount of work I have to go through to get good levels. Am I missing something or is there maybe something wrong with my pedal? Like I said, at home, using 1/4 out or XLR out into my amp, it is more than loud and drives my amp hard. By the way, my amp is an acoustic 60W amp. That is all I have at the moment. If it is my setup, what should I buy or do to be able to get a good representation of what the output will be once I get to the church?
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